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7 Dating Websites We’d Like to See

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There are dating sites for Beatiful People and now there is a dating site for Ugly Schmucks

This is Ugly Schmucks founder Joe DeLuca. He wanted to create a website for the rest of us. People who don't care about looks & money.

I mean if you think about it, there aren't that many really attractive people out there. Most of us are just average looking… and where can the average looking Joe go to meet someone with low expectations. Someone they don't have to impress, and can more than likely "get." Well search no more… is the dating site for you!


But let's say you're a nerd. Don't fear, there's a site for you too! Geek 2 Geek promises to find you a perfect match. You can find the Ash to you Pikachu, and you'll never go dateless to Comic-Con again!

But why stop with ugly people & nerds? There should be dating sites for every sub-sect of human being there is! Here are some more datings sites that we'd like to see…



A dating site for dudes who love haning out with other dudes, that love haning out with dudes!

If you like tall people. Really tall people. Gigantic people… this would be the place for you to find the Goliath to your Davey.

If you're old and ripped, and you want to date another old person who is also ripped you could find someone to share your morning protein drinks with.

If you're a total d-bag, and you want to fall in love with another total d-bag, this would be your site! On you would find the perfect person for you! Someone to help you put on your spray tanner in the mornings, and bring you soup when you're recovering from your breast implant surgery.

For people with STDs to meet other people with STDs… If you match up your STDs you never have to worry about giving your STD to the person that you love, because you'll know that they already have it. This could be very popular.

For beekeepers looking to find other beekeepers to fall in love with and share long walks with their bees.

If you have a mullet, but lack a sense of humor, this site is for you! You can meet other very serious people who also have mullets to share serious activities and wedding rings with.

What are some dating sites that you'd like to see?


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