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7 Ghosts The Ghostbusters Need To Bust

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The Ghostbusters have kept New York City safe since the mid 80's. But what about the rest of us? There's a whole world of ghosts out there that need busting. We as a society are beset by tons of ghosts that need to get put in a containment unit stat. Here are the ghosts that the Ghostbusters need to set about busting immediately, for the benefit of all:


Ghost Dad


How are the children supposed to get over their father's death and move on when he's always popping out of the floor staring at them with a baffled look on his face?


Patrick Swayze In Ghost


The last thing the world needs is a ghost running around who has the power to sexually stimulate women with his ghost magic. It's already tough enough trying to sexually stimulate women without ghost magic added to the competition.


Ghost Cat


Ghost Cat is a Ghost that's been haunting Ellen Page's career since 2003. Stop haunting Ellen Page ghost cat! If you want to help the Ghostbusters bust Ghost Cat you can start by watching "Ghost Cat," which is a movie starring Ellen Page about a ghost cat that comes back from the dead to help her get rid of a loan shark. Yes, that's a actually a real plot to a real movie. 


The Holy Ghost


Every time God orders pizza for him, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost always eats the pepperonis off everybody else's slices. Not cool, Holy Ghost, maybe a little time cooling your heels in the containment unit will help you learn about the importance of sharing.


My Ex Girlfriend


Not technically a ghost, but I would really appreciate it if the Ghostbusters would go ahead and get rid of her for me. I would really appreciate it (pushes a $10 bill, two $1's, and a shoebox full of change toward the Ghostbusters). Yeah, I'll make it worth your while.


Jack Skellington's Ghost Dog Pet


Every time Jack and his girlfriend are about to make out Jack's damn ghost dog comes yapping up and interrupts them. And since I would do, pretty much anything, to watch Jack Skellington and his girlfriend make out this dog is very high on my list. 


The Ghost Of Christmas Past


While a useful spirit in the sense that she helps people realize the true meaning of Christmas, not everything she does is on the up and up. In 2008 it turned out that she was an active memeber on the board of Goldman-Sachs, one of the main companies directly responsible for the housing crash that put the final nail in the coffin of the economy. It's those kinds of shady lending practices that ghosts and humans need to be prosecuted for, and the only way to prosecute ghosts is to have the ghostbusters use nuclear lasers to trap them.


What are some other ghosts that need busting? Let us know in the comments!


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