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7 Hidden Advantages Of Being In Summer School

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Summer School means sitting in a classroom learning, while everyone is out climbing trees and playing stick ball in the street with their chums. Sure you're missing out on catching frogs and havin' yourself a good time with the fellas while you're in summer school, but trust me… there are some advantages.


You Get To Be Alone With The Class Pet


There aren't as many people watching your back at school during the summer, so you'll get plenty of time to hang with the class hamster you wouldn't get. By the time everyone comes back for the regular semester, you can have trained him to do your bidding, and defeat your enemies when they least expect it.


You'll Be Smarter Then Everyone Else


While all your friends are off NOT learning all summer, you'll be busy filling your mind with new things. That will be advantageous when they return to school the same amount of smart that they were last year, and you've learned so much that it's given you the power to bend metal with your mind.


You Can Befriend The Janitor


This may not seem that cool at first, but THINK about it. This guy has keys to EVERYTHING. You can go through all the lockers, and get into the principal's office. Then you will know everything about everybody and you'll be like the CIA… powerful and lonely, trading secrets for power. You'll know the true horrors of ruling by way of fear. Whoah, that's intense bro.


Chicks And Parties


According to all the 80's movies I've watched about summer school, it's a bummer for awhile… and then, through a crazy set of circumstances you end the summer semester at the beach partying with chicks in bikinis and taking on the evil surfing gang for the right to who "owns the waves." That's a hell of a lot cooler than sitting around playing Halo with your friends.


The Ghost!


Ghosts always hide when there's too many people around. But most people are gone during the summer so you can meet the ghost and befriend. And there's pretty much nothing cooler than having a ghost friend. Unless that ghost is Casper, because Casper, believe me, is way too clingy.


Meet Weird Adults


Adults often take adult school classes during the summer at high schools, and adults who take classes at high schools get their GED in all sorts of interesting backgrounds. Who among your friends (besides you) will get to say you made friends with a bus driver who shanked a guy for making eyes at his girl, or the crazy old cat lady who keeps yelling that her cat Pampers who will rule the world in 2024?


Easy Access To Gangs


It's easy to join a gang in summer school! Gangs are the funnest! You do everything together, even bathing! And then you'll get your own official gang sash and beret with your initials monogrammed on them, and access to the secret official hideout! I bet it's a treehouse! Gang members generally get to do all sorts of fun things like live in a state of constant fear of retaliatory violence, or get viciously beaten by your own fellow gang members to "prove your worth," and best of all: ICE CREAM WEDNESDAYS!

What do you like best about summer school? Let us know in the comments!

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