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7 Hidden iPhone Hacks Even My Dad Will Use

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In our day and age, iPhones are a fact of life. If you’re an average person, you use your iPhone to text, check email, play games, get work done, and live your life in increasingly efficient, impressive ways. But if you’re my Dad, you use your iPhone as a thing to swear at. No matter who you are, you could undoubtedly use some hidden tricks and hacks to make Siri a little more… Wait, Dad, you don’t know who Siri is? She’s like a digital assistant who– what do you mean, “what’s a digital assistant?” That’s such a self-explanatory– you know what? I’m not going to lose my patience. I’m going to explain these iPhone hacks.

Close Multiple Apps At Once


Got a bunch of apps open at once? We’ve all been there, no judgment. But when multi-app usage slows down your iPhone and you need to get rid of ‘em quick, simply use three fingers to “multi-swipe” away the… okay, Dad, no worries, where did I lose you? Ah, so normally you swipe away an app when you’re done with it. Can I see your iPhone to show– holy crap, how do you have this many apps open?

Close Just One App


Sorry, I got a little stressed with that last one. It’s okay to start with the basics. When you’re done using an app, you can swipe it away to keep your iPhone running smoothly. Simply double-tap on the homescreen, then swipe the app screen up. I know most of you probably already know this, but for my Dad, well, you wanna try it, Dad? I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you correctly. You say you “don’t know what an app is?” That is… that is just so, how can you not– it’s, it’s the little icons on your phone, Dad. Yes, of course you “need the apps”. What the hell are you even– the whole thing was you had too many apps open! Yes, those are all apps! There isn’t another word, it’s just–

Download An App From The App Store


Hoo boy. Okay. I’m really sorry, Dad. You’ve done so much for me, I’m grateful for you, I’m happy to help show you your phone. We’re really stretching the definition of a “hack” here, but here’s how you download an app. Let’s try Spotify. You’ll love Spotify, Dad, you can listen to all of Toto on Spotify. Just go to the App Store… it’s the big blue A. Right, tap on it. Not that hard. Not with your nail either. There you go. Search for Spotify. Click “install”. Well, yeah, of course it’s asking for your Apple ID password. You don’t know your Apple ID password?

Recover Apple ID Password


Mom’s maiden name is “Ross”, Dad. You should know that. Okay, it sent the password to your email, so just check your… Dad?

Recover Email Password


Jesus Christ.

Give Up


Hey Dad. No, I just needed to get some air. No, I’m not… you know what? Yeah. I am a little mad at you. I feel like you don’t listen to what’s important to me, and I feel like you don’t even try. I’ve been writing about iPhone hacks for awhile now, you’ve never once even bothered… just, forget it Dad. It’s okay. We’ll keep this stuff separated, it’s fine. What? No, I don’t want to play catch. I’m a 28-year-old man. Fine, fine, since you threw the damn glove at me… Hmm. Okay, this is kind of fun. I can’t remember the last time we did this. I can’t remember the last time I did anything off my phone. Whoops, that one got away from you! I’m a regular Justin Verlander! Hey, this was… this was really fun. I love you, Dad.

Use Auto Focus On Your Camera


If you need to capture a spontaneous, beautiful moment of reconciliation between generations, you can hold down your finger in your camera app to set it to auto focus. Then, no matter where you swing your iPhone, your picture will look sharp!

Any iPhone hacks surprise you? Any we missed? Give me a follow on Twitter, but more importantly, give your Dad a follow on Twitter. I’m just kidding, there’s no way your Dad knows how Twitter works.