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7 Kids Movies That Have Hidden Messages

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Children’s movies are supposed to be good, clean, all-ages fun. Also, many people believe dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, yet one bit my lip open a few days ago. What I’m getting at is, things are not always the way they’re supposed to be. So here are 7 kids movies that have hidden messages:


Beauty and the Beast

The Beast is, true to his name, a hideous man-beast. A real crime against nature. So of course, Belle is horrified by him, and- oh no, wait, she falls in love with him. She falls in love with an animal. Look, I love my dog (when he’s not biting my face open) but I’m not in love with my dog. Disney seems like they would be okay if I were.


Every Harry Potter Movie

Why do something for yourself when you can just have “magic” do it? And in this case, we all know magic = the government. End the welfare state!


Eyes Wide Shut


This didn’t seem like an appropriate movie for children AT ALL. Oh, what’s that? My Blockbuster just had it in the wrong section? No wonder they’re going out of business…


The Hunger Games


Call me crazy, but it kind of seems like this movie is implying that it’s wrong for teenagers to slaughter each other for our entertainment. WTF, right guys?


Toy Story


A cowboy somehow being able to compete with a futuristic spaceman? That’s a blatant anti-technology attitude at it’s worst. A real ludite wrote this piece of “art”.





Yeah, right, like a dog could compose some of the greatest music of all time! PLEASE NOTE: I have not seen Beethoven.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Cartoons are not real, we all know this. So clearly this film is the tale of a delusional man who believes he is interacting with hand drawn, two dimensional creatures. And what do the other people do? They indulge him. This man doesn’t need to be indulged. He needs to be helped.


Are there other children’s movies that have hidden messages? Destroy the conspiracy by letting us know in the comments.


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