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7 Lamest Musical Movies Ever

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Hollywood tries again and again to bring back the movie musical and it’s very rare they actually get things right. Between the new Footloose remake and the upcoming Tom Cruise (yes, supposedly he sings) flick, Rock of Ages, it looks like they haven’t quite figured out the formula to create box office musical gold. Here are eight other movie musicals or music-inspired flicks that tried to step, ball, change their way into our hearts, but had everyone groaning in harmony instead.


7. Burlesque – 2010


Just because she knows how to belt a tune doesn’t mean Christina Aguilera knows how to act. Music alone can’t carry a movie, little things like acting chops and plot also play a big role. Burlesque had none of these.



6. Brigadoon – 1954


In this classic musical, two New Yorkers stumble on an enchanted village that only appears once every hundred years and whose inhabitants can never leave. Sounds more like the premise for a creepy video game than a light-hearted musical.


5. Shock Treatment – 1981


This little known sequel to the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, didn’t quite stand the test of time like the original. It also didn’t help that many of the original cast members didn’t return for the second time, leaving it DOA.


4. Can’t Stop the Music – 1980


The Beatles had Hard Day’s Night, The Who had Tommy, and the Village People had Can’t Stop the Music. This campy classic was so bad it was the first movie to ever win the Razzie Award for Worst Picture of the year. Ouch, that would hurt even the most macho man.


3. The Country Bears – 2002


In this Disney flick, a bear that was adopted by humans finds himself when he runs away with an extra hairy band of rock ‘n rollers. Your eyes will start rolling within the first five minutes.


2. Grease 2 – 1982


Hollywood is great at taking a masterpiece like the original Grease and ruining it with a follow-up. Michelle Pfeiffer is no Olivia Newton John and this sequel couldn’t quite recapture the charm of the first movie.


1. Xanadu – 1980


Olivia Newton John is a mural that comes to life that roller skates and falls in love with a human. Do I really need to go on?


What is your least favorite movie musical? Let me know why it doesn’t get you tapping your toes or singing along!


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