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7 Musicians People Think Are in the Illuminati

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There are a number of conspiracy theorists out there who believe the world is secretly controlled by an organization known as the Illuminati. They say the group is made up of world leaders, to make the decisions, and celebrities, to keep the masses hypnotized. Could they have a point? Think about musicians, who can slide subtle, mind-controlling lyrics into their songs to keep the masses focused on what the Illuminati wants them focused on. Sound far fetched? That’s what the Illuminati wants you to think. Here are 10 musicians that conspiracy theorist have found evidence (well, “evidence”) of Illuminati involvement!


illuminati jayz

If there is an Illuminati, they’d be lucky to have Jay-Z. Often suspect of Illuminati membership, Jay-Z uses “Illuminati symbolism” when he throws up the Roc Nation diamond. The hand gesture looks like a pyramid, a shape heavily associated with the Illuminati. Is Hov a secret world leader, or could the triangle just be a very common shape?



illuminati rihanna

Rihanna is often rumored to be in the Illuminati because of a hand gesture she gave during the 2013 AMAs. When she won the award for Best R&B Artist, Rihanna made a “6” gesture with her hand, supposedly a shout out to the Illuminati. Other people thought the shout out was meant for Jay-Z, who discovered her. Either way, it was very polite of her to thank the people that helped her win the award.

Katy Perry

illuminati perry

Ever see Katy Perry’s video for “Dark Horse”? Well, it was full of Illuminati references and imagery, the most prominent being the All-Seeing Eye, which was painted onto Katy’s hair. Birds and cages are also heavily referenced, supposedly referencing the mind control the Illuminati have. Now, Katy Perry has been known to adapt imagery from other cultures for her videos, so she may have just been on an Egypt kick. OR, she may have been asking the Illuminati to let her join.


illuminati eminem

Eminem is one of the most popular rappers of his generation — is that because of his talent, or his association with the Illuminati? When Eminem released his album Recovery, the cover art was full of supposed references to secretive organization. Along with all the triangles, Eminem is shown covering one of his eyes in several photos. Is he representing the All-Seeing Eye? Either Eminem thought this looked cool, or he was sending a message to the world that he’s Illuminati.

Lady Gaga

illuminati gaga

Lady Gaga, like many other singers, also incorporates a lot of Illuminati symbolism in her videos and stage show. It’s almost as if some musicians do stuff like this on purpose because they know it’ll get people to watch their videos a bunch of times …

Anyway, theorists believe Gaga is subliminally including imagery that demonstrates a lack of conscious thought to demonstrate how the Illuminati has hypnotized the masses. Also interesting is that Lady Gaga was a persona designed to satirize celebrity, so the imagery was most likely intended to show that. Or I could just be too hypnotized to see the truth.

Nicki Minaj

illuminati minaj

If you thought the song “Anaconda” was about butts, then you’re just brainwashed. It’s clearly an ode to the Illuminati, and the video is full of Illuminati imagery. Every time Nicki Minaj winks at the camera, she’s showing one (All-Seeing!) eye. What other reason would she have for winking? In all honesty, it just seems like Illuminati believers needed an excuse when they were caught watching “Anaconda” so many times.


illuminati beyonce

I could list all the reasons conspiracy theorists think Beyonce’s in the Illuminati, but instead I’ll just ask a question: Based on how popular Beyonce is on her own, why would she need to be in the Illuminati? She’s more powerful than Obama. Seriously, if Beyonce told the country to go to war with Canada, her fan base could make it happen. If she was in the Illuminati, why would she keep it secret?


Which musicians do you think secretly control the world? Let me know on Twitter or leave a comment below!

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