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7 Other Tests Bieber Should Take

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In the wake of Bieber’s paternity test, I have really started thinking about other things I’d like to see some results on.


Vocab Test


Not being a hater, just wondering if there is more vocab in that big head of his…6 out of 9 words= “Baby”.




Speaking of vocab…I just think Bieber needs to get back to what really matters. We all know he is an expert at love, basketball and being famous but can he do simple math? Can he understand analogies? Is he in school?


Puberty Test


I’m not so sure Bieber’s you-know-whats have dropped…like does he even have sexual desires?? His nipple is the size of the mosquito bite on my ankle and Selena looks disappointed about something…


Driving Test


I would NOT want to encounter Bieber on the road….isn’t he like 10 years old? Looks like my friends little brother stole their mom’s car to go to McDonalds.


Gender Test


Just Sayin…Gimme Proof!


Am I A Human Test


Is Bieber Srsly not part animal? I’ll believe it when I see it.


DNA Test


Once he figures out if he is in fact fully human…he should really make sure he is not actually Usher’s spawn.


What other Tests Does Biebs Need to Take? Let us know in the comments!


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