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7 Possible Reasons Katy Perry And Russell Brand Divorce

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand just announced that they are divorcing after 14 months of marriage. This kooky duo seemed inseparable and totally in love so it’s a big shock that they are pulling a Kardashian and calling it quits. We would what happened that turned this once sugary sweet couple sour.




She couldn’t understand a word he was saying!




He always hogged the hair dryer in the morning.




She kissed a girl and she liked it.




Russell kept borrowing her skinny jeans.




She couldn’t lie anymore when Russell asked her what she really thought of Arthur.




Russell was totally over Katy’s hair dye getting all over the bathroom sink.



Russell realized he had more chemistry with Jonah Hill in Get Him to the Greek.



What other reasons did Russell Brand have to break up with Katy Perry? Let us know in the comments!


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