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7 Reasons Why You Got Defriended On Facebook

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Ever wonder why you got "defriended" on Facebook? Well wonder no more! Science has come up with an answer for you!

Christopher Sibona, a PhD student in the Computer Science and Information Systems program at  University of Colorado Denver has successfully answered the one question that everybody wants to know the answer to. "Why was I defriended on Facebook."

Turns out there are a lot of reasons but the three top ones were…


The #1 Reason For Defriending On Facebook: Frequent, Unimportant Posts

"The 100th post about your favorite band is no longer interesting," Sibona told reporters. I know that I just personally remove them from my feed if they are boring and update a lot. I mean, it can get really annoying. I don't think some people "get" how to use Facebook. There's an art. A science to it. The people that I truly enjoy on Facebook don't update too much, and have interesting things to say.


The #2 Reason For Defriending On Facebook: Posting About Polarizing Topics Like Religion & Politics

"They say not to talk about religion or politics at office parties and the same thing is true online," Sibona explained. It's true. I mean, I feel like we all do it sometimes, you kind of can't help it once in a while, but the people who update with clips from all the political shows, and breaking political news on the social issues of their choice tend to be boring. Even if I agree with them.


The #3 Reason For Defriending On Facebook: Inappropriate Posts, Such As Crude Or Racist Comments

Well, that's a given. I mean, we should take this one step further and have national "Defriend A Racist" day. I'd do it. But then I don't think I'm friends with any racists, so we'd have to first celebrate "Friend A Racist" day, and then we could follow that up with "Defriend A Racist" day.


So Christopher Sibona PhD did some amazing research but we at Smosh did some amazing research of our own last night on Facebook and found some other reasons that people defriend or get defriended on Facebook.


The #4 Reason For Defriending On Facebook: I Don't Like You

Turns out that when someone defriends you they usually just don't like you. Maybe it's all of you, maybe it's something about you specifically. Either way, once defriended it's best to move on. I mean who needs them. I wouldn't even know if someone defriended me, I don't keep track of how many friends I have. So anyone who wants to defriend me on Facebook, please do! Go for it. I honestly won't notice… nor care.


The #5 Reason For Defriending On Facebook: I Am Bored And Trying To Create Drama

Some people are just addicted to drama, and when the drama in their personal lives gets boring they take it to the internet. Most of us are just unknowing pawns in the minute drama that is their life. When defriended by a drama queen, just thank your lucky stars.


The #6 Reason For Defriending On Facebook: I'm A Stalker

I have had girlfriends defriend ex-boyfriends… not because they hate them or anything, but because they found themselves checking and rechecking the dudes page over and over again. So for their own sanity and dignity… they had to defriend the guy. I mean I totally get that. We've all stalked someone on Facebook. I also have had friends who were being stalked, defriend and block their stalkers. That's always a good move.


The #7 Reason For Defriending On Facebook: I Got Drunk And Hit On You

A few of my guy friends have admitted to getting drunk, going on Facebook, and IMing hot girls… hitting on them to the point where they were so embarassed that they had to defriend the girl permanently. A social networking version hari kari. The only way to restore honor and dignity to your Facebook family is to defriend the person you have offended and never bother them again.

So we've learned some very important lessons here today… if you don't want to be defriended on Facebook…

Pure and simple… don't be a douche.

What other reasons have you defriended someone for?


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