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7 Reasons Why ‘The Worst Twerk Fail EVER’ Video is Fake

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It’s been called the biggest twerking fail of all time! Sorry, Miley! It’s all been labeled the video that will put an end to twerking once and for all. So fake or not that’s a good thing, right? If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a look at the video that everyone and their grandmother is sharing and LOLing over. The girl who twerked on fire. (all due respect to Katniss Everdeen)

Now not to be a YouTube hater but I call FAKE! Here’s just a few reasons why this video screams set-up.


Since when is this a sexy outfit?

 caitlin heller twerk fail video clothes fire

I mean believe me, I long for the days when loungewear is considered smoking hot, but we as a society just haven’t evolved to that heightened state of being yet. In the description she said “I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :)” However, if you are making a sexy twerking video for your boyfriend you best be as unclothed as possible. And I’m pretty sure there should be a strand of fabric flossing your butt crack or something. 


Why wasn’t the music loud from the start?

 caitlin heller twrk fail video clothes fire

I’ll tell you why. Because the music being turned up was probably a signal to her accomplice. BOOM. Watch out Sherlock. There’s a new master sleuth in town! ALSO.. Why does the purse on the door handle bug me so much!?! Not proof of anything, but aggravating as hell.


Who the heck twerks on a door?

 caitlin heller twerk fail video clothes fire

Oh hey. Let me just twerk on an unlocked door. That seems like a good idea. Oh no…wait don’t open it…AAHHHH!

 caitlin heller twerk fail video clothes fire

The best part is when the twerker doesn’t immediately fall and her accomplice kind of gives the door a little twerk to finish the deed.


Why are there candles lit in broad daylight?

 caitlin heller twerk fail video clothes fire

So she can fall on them and catch fire. DUH!! Also you gotta love the bottle of booze and shot glass. I guess she was a little tipsy and that’s why she got her twerk on? The thought that didn’t go into this set-up is almost infuriating. If you’re gonna lie…be good at. Please.


The friend’s reaction

 caitlin heller twerk fail video clothes fire

Seriously. I offer a slow clap of admiration to the friend for her perfomance when she realizes she just knocked her twerking gal pal down. She is SHOCKED! SHOCKED… I tell you! Even better? The moment she hauls ass out of there when she sees her friend go up in flames. If you’re cowardly running to save yourself, you should probably exit the door? As we all know, a good friend would have beat the twerker with a pillow, not only to put the flames out, but just for catching her twerking like an a-hole.

 caitlin heller twerk fail video clothes fire


The Fire Looks Like The Kind Of Trick Kids Do On YouTube All The Time

You’ve seen “kids sets himself on fire” videos on YouTube for years. They normally end up badly, like this one:


That kid is an idiot, but the mechanics of lighting yourself on fire “safely” are pretty simple, as you can see in this video below. Could this explain the girl’s long pants? [NOTE. DO NOT TRY THIS. DO NOT SET YOURSELF ON FIRE. THESE KIDS ARE DUMB. FOR REAL THIS IS THE WORST IDEA]


The way she plays to the camera when she’s on fire

 caitlin heller twerk fail video clothes fire

Have you ever seen someone try harder to not stop being on fire?? Did this chick not go to elementary school?  Stop, Drop and Roll! And that doesn’t mean stop trying to get the flames out and back up to where your camera can see you. Other than that…highly believable video. Well done.

What do you think…is this video a fake? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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