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7 (Secret) Celebrity Christmas Lists

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Celebrities have to be super low key about what they really want. Good thing I’m sneaky and found all of their top-secret desires. These are transcribed word for word.


Justin Bieber


Mom, Please get me these things but don’t put them under the tree. 1. Pajamas with feet 2. Those things that go in shoes that make me taller 3. Some hair I can stick on my chest…like a chest wig. 4. Henna tattoo kit.


Suri Cruise


In regards to Christmas, these are my top 3 most important gifts and it is essential that you obtain them. As to the rest of my list, see my assistant. 1. The cover of Vanity Fair 2. The REAL ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz 3. Beyonce’s baby.


Tom Cruise


Katie, between us, I’d just like a Bedazzler.


Angelina Jolie


To Do: Christmas Edition. And, Brad, only black for the crocs. 1.Crocs 2.Africa. 3. Ant Farm 4. Asia. All of it.


Lebron James


Christmas will now be called Lebronmas and will take up all of December. Get me this stuff asap. 1. A Kardashian 2. A thin, delicate scarf. 3. Custom toe socks


Robert Pattinson


Ummm. 1. 17 Twilight DVD box sets 2. Invisible Ink Journal


Kanye West


Here is my Christmas list. Please print it, shred it, tape it back together, and then frame it. 1. Crocs 2. Red leather teepee 3. Spaceship. Real one. 4. Clone Machine.

Who has the most surprising list? Let us know in the comments!

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