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7 Shirts That Got Me Sent Home For The Day

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I had a long chat with my HR representative about the shirts that I wear. She told me that company policy was that if an employee wears an offensive article of clothing, they are sent home for the day and that no other corrective action is taken. She said that if an employee was a bit devious and just wanted the day off without an attendance occurrence he/she might just wear something a bit off and that would be all that it took.

I kissed her on the cheek, asked if our date was still on for the weekend, and went shopping.

While I thought this shirt was ok I later found out it "might" be offensive to the handicapped. 


I have had at least 3 dozen women laugh at this shirt as they thanked me for supporting the cause. There is no greater fan of women, boobs and baseball than I. But alas I was sent home anyway.


I am still not sure if HR thought I wanted to fu*k luch meat or if silf is a curse in Romanian but I was sent home none the less.


I was told that the word kill cannot appear anywhere on my clothing. Nice.


Ok, I still dont get this one. The shirt mentions no disease or ailment at all. I was told that it was making light of peoples plight of actually trying to raise awareness of real things. Wow.


I was told that I was sent home for depicting the president in a non respectful way. Non respectful? He is a badass Jedi!


By this pioint they were on to my game and just making up reasons to send me home. But the joke is on them as I left the company 3 weeks later and started my own business.

Now I just work in any shirt I wish, and sans pants.

Which is your fav?

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