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7 Theme Park Costumes That It Would Suck To Wear

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Theme Parks are known for their thrilling rides, yummy junk food, and cheesy photo ops with different characters. While posing with little kids all day isn’t the worst job in the world, there are a few costumes we would hate getting assigned to – whether they were too hot and heavy or just plain embarrassing. 


7. Captain Jack Sparrow


It’s kind of hard to beat the original Jack Sparrow – Johnny Depp – and everyone would be comparing your hotness to his. And don’t even get me started on how much guy-liner you have to go through daily.


6. SpongeBob Square Pants


Not only would it be super hard to see out of, but things would get mighty sweaty in the hot Southern California sun. Plus you’d probably take out a small child every time with your sharp, square edges, evrytime you tried to turn around. I’d much rather get assigned to dress up as Patrick – plus, pink is a more flattering color.


5. Sea World Creatures


Fish aren’t supposed to live out of the water and you’d be dying of heat while you danced around as a whale.


4. Porky Pig


Seriously, you’re Porky Pig. If your self-esteem is already a little low, getting assigned to be a stuttering pig will probably not help your cause.


3. Sanrio Characters


I’m just trying to figure out how you walk in these costumes…or move those little arms.


2. Mr. Six 


I'm still trying to figure out who thought a bald, old guy with hipster glasses was the epitome of fun. No one wants to throw on a bald cap and start dancing like a spaz just for a pay check!


1. The Little Mermaid


Bathroom breaks would be a real pain-in-the-you-know-what with your legs zipped up in a fish tail all day!

Which theme park character job do you think would suck? Which one do you think would be super fun?

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