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7 Times Science Went a Little Too Far

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Scientific discoveries and inventions are the key to our world’s progress, and without them and the scientists who work tirelessly to prove their theories, we probably would’ve wiped ourselves out as a species a loooooong time ago! (And, ironically, thanks to science, we still might!) While most discoveries and inventions have arguably made our lives better, there are a few times science went just a little too far. Check out some of those times below!

The Electric Face Mask

The music only makes it worse.



Olestra is a fat substitute that allowed chips in the ’90s to brand themselves “fat free”. Unfortunately, Olestra causes cramping and diarrhea and is now banned in most of Europe and in Canada.

The Baby Cage


The “Baby Cage” was invented and patented in 1922 by a woman Emma Read, and it does exactly what it looks like it does. Created to allow mothers to have more floor space in smaller high-rise apartments, it’s safe to say that it’s probably good the baby cage didn’t catch on.

Mizar Flying Car


In 1973, President of Advanced Vehicle Engineers Harold Blake was killed along with the pilot he hired to operate a flying Pinto. The Pinto was obviously not meant to fly, which someone probably should have told Harold before he started the project.

The Sex Toy/Urn


This might be simultaneously the saddest and grossest invention of all time.

The Pet Petter


But — but — who wouldn’t want to touch their pet ever again?! 🙁

These Things That Will Surely Kill Us All and Take Over the Planet One Day…

We’re officially all doomed.

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