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7 Totally Badass Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Well, it’s Halloween and you once again did absolutely nothing to prepare for it. There’s no need to run down to the costume shop and drop a hundred bucks on some super fancy costume. There are a lot of cheap awesome costumes that you can make at home. Here are totally badass last minute costume ideas.


Old Costume Mash-up

avengers mashup costume


There’s a good chance that you have a few old crappy costumes around your place. Combine as many of them as you can to be the ultimate mash-up. Your Spider-man/Highlander/Jason outfit is going to be the most popular costume at your Halloween party. With being only one comes great responsibility.


Dress As Your Best Friend

best friends pig and cow


If you and a friend are really stuck then you guys can trade clothes and go dressed as each other. Just make sure that this person is actually a good friend of yours. It’s super creepy to dress up as someone that you barely know. I’m pretty sure that it’s legally grounds for a restraining order.


Paper Plate Face

adventure time paper plate mask


This is one of the oldest ways to make a cheap last minute costume. Get a picture of anyone. You can print it on your computer or cut it out of a poster or magazine and paste it to a paper plate. If you’re really creative you could draw it yourself. Cut out mouth and eye holes. Finish it with some string and you’ve got yourself a mask. The more ridiculous the picture the better. Personally, I’d recommend making a mask of your own face. Maybe that’s because I’m a huge narcissist though.


Dress Up For The Wrong Holiday

bad xmas sweater


It’s always hilarious to dress up for the wrong holiday. You can do this by wearing all green, putting on an old Christmas sweater, or decking yourself out in American flags for the Fourth of July. The important thing is that you have to act like you’re celebrating the wrong holiday all night. Get yourself a pack of old Valentine’s day cards that you never gave out and you’re ready for a great Halloween.


Bathroom Man

superman cleaning toilet


Not many people know this, but you can make a great costume just out of stuff in your bathroom. Sure, it’s a really crappy costume, but it’s crappy on purpose. Towel cape. Toilet paper roll wrist bands. Shaving cream and a plunger are your weapons. Your greatest super power is being able to laugh at anyone who spent more than five minutes on their costume.


Raid Your Parents’ Closet

weird 70's twins


If your parents are like mine, they have a bunch of weird old clothes that they’re still holding on to because they hope to one day fit in to them again. That’ll never happen. Good news for you though. Just make sure you get permission before you go through their stuff because you might find their secret collection of sex toys. You’ll never be able to unsee that.



I’m kind of surprised that Smosh doesn’t already have a Boxman costume in the store. It would just be a box with a black marker and a few pieces of cardboard inside. All for the low price of $100!


What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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