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7 Ways Ghosts Can Haunt You With Technology

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With technology playing an increasingly vital role in our lives, ghosts are having a harder time getting our attention. How are we supposed to be told of the great oncoming horrors if we're too busy playing Angry Birds? But showing how adaptable they are, ghosts have taken to haunting our electronics. Here are some ways ghosts are haunting us by way of technology.


Cell Phones


Sometimes, late at night, ghosts will send a text from an unknown number. The ones I always get read something like "your end is imminent". And it's like, come on ghosts, I'm trying to sleep. If my end really is imminent, by the morning, that will either be very apparent or it'll be just as imminent.


iPhone Cameras


If you say "bloody mary" three times into your iPhone camera, and upload pictures of it to your Facebook, the person most tagged in that gallery will die. And by die I mean have their Facebook deleted. Granted, this is only an urban myth, but are who would be brave enough to try it? The one most often tagged in any one person's Facebook gallery is the person themselves…

And that's kind of messed up, right? If you're taking the pictures, why are you in so many? Narcissistic much? But I digress.


WiFi Networks

There are a lot of ghosts who aren't afraid to possess a soul by tricking people who live in apartment buildings and don't have internet into using their wireless network. It's usually pretty easy to tell which networks are haunted though.

That's either a ghost or the guy in my building who keeps calling the landlord when I play Rock Band. I don't necessarily like either option.




You know when you try to open an app and it takes a second to open, like a little longer than it normally does? Ghosts. That's ghosts doing that.




I'm starting to suspect that the last episode of Glee I watched on my DVR was haunted. I say this because Artie died and Mr. Schuester turned to the camera and said "MICHAEL MCCOLLOR YOU ARE THE HATED AND THIS IS THE ZERO HOUR" and started speaking in a language incomprehensible by human ears. Or maybe Glee's just gotten worse this season.


Desktop Computers


Just the other day, I went to open a file for work that was very important and all the text had been replaced with a list of the United States presidents. After their name was a date – the day they died. The weird part was there were even some names after Barack Obama that haven't been elected yet. All the presidents who are still alive had a date after their name as well- they were all the same.

Anyhow I brought it to the Mac store and they don't know how to recover the file and my boss is super mad about it!


Playstation 3


I've noticed a lot of ghosts have begun haunting the devices that take up most of our time and attention, our video game consoles. For instance, there is no WAY the PlayStation 3 I paid thirty dollars for at a yard sale isn't haunted. Granted, I did buy it from a man with a glass eye who looked terrified when I brought the PlayStation 3 up to his table and also it didn't have the PS3 logo on the front but instead had the word "Playstasion" scratched into the top of the machine with a knife but I was all "Hey, PS3 for thirty bucks!" When I got home, I played inFamous for, like, ten minutes before Cole stopped responding to my button commands and just knelt and wept while a ghost woman walked onscreen and pointed at me. I tried to go back to the yard sale but the house was deserted and the neighbors told me that no one had lived in that house since the man who owned it took his own life over thirty years ago. So now my PS3 can't play games for longer than ten minutes before the faces of those who played this console before me start to appear onscreen crying. You get what you pay for I guess!

What horrifying things have ghosts done to your technology? Speak of them in the comments. If you dare. I don't think this website's haunted, so you would probably be okay to dare.

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