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7 Ways To Recycle Your Unwanted Silly Bandz

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If you’re up on kiddie trends then you know nothing is hotter right now than Silly Bandz. In case you don’t know, Silly Bandz are packs of colored rubber bands in different shapes. Each pack has a different theme, including one centered around the world’s favorite punching bag, Justin Bieber.

But like any trend, they will soon go from coveted collection to unwanted cheap crap. But hey, it’s 2011 and we’re all about green living now, so instead of just tossing this cheap crap into a landfill, it got us thinking about how we can reuse them.


1. Stuff Them Into Miley Cyrus’ Piehole When She Starts To Sing

Hell, how about when she speaks, giggles or just breathes too heavy as well. Hannah Montana is finally ending, but for some reason Miley is sticking around?? Fine! Can’t be tamed, Miley? Can be silenced!


2. Start Your Own Truck Nutz Business

Let’s face it if you eat roadkill or drink Pabst Blue Ribbon un-ironically, then you probably love yourself a pair of trucknutz! But still, you may feel restricted by the limited palette of metal and flesh tones. “I can’t be the only one!” you might think. Light bulb moment! Here’s your chance to cash in… Just melt down all those dang Silly Bandz and Voila! Trucknutz, Designer Colors Edition. I have a feeling blue will be popular.


3. Use As Confetti At Gay Pride Parades

Too much of a good thing is just fabulous, when you’re celebrating YOU! And just look how their faces light up when they see those rainbow rubbers fall!


4. Create Superior Support Undergarments

One of the “amazing” things about Silly Bandz is that you can stretch them out and they still pop right back into their original shape. And let’s face it, as people get older they need something strong enough to pop them back into their original shape. And just look at that poor droopy meemaw before we put her into the Silly Bandz undergarment! Now check her out in the completely un-photoshopped after! BOING!


5. Help Jersey Shore’s Deena Keep Her Clothes On

New guidette Deena is definitely putting her tramp stamp on the show, but I’m a little concerned about protecting the rest of the cast from the dangers that her drunken hook-ups might bring. They’re national treasures, after all! So… sorry Deena! You can stay, but we need to make sure your ‘shop’ stays closed. After all, the hot tub is public domain and we really need to keep you from taking the antics in the house from internet viral to virus viral.


6. Make An Outfit For Lady Gaga

Only Lady Gaga can take Silly Bandz from flash in the pan trend, to ironic fashion statement. And only Ke$ha, who will rip it off soon after, can take the look from avant-garde to common gutter rat.


7. Prank Tom Cruise a house is so last century! Silly Banding a celebrity at his place of worship is so 2011!

What other ways can you think of to recycle Silly Bandz?? Let us know in the comments!


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