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7 Ways To Trick Your Girlfriend To See The Dark Knights Rises

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What is the point of owning ears and eyes if you're going to get The Dark Knight Rises spoiled for you? You must see it now! Unfortunately for you, your girlfriend wants to see Magic Mike. That, of course, is just a trick by her to get you to compromise on Dark Shadows in a second run theater. It's time you do the tricking for once. Here are Ways To Trick Your Girlfriend To See The Dark Kinght Rises.


Tell Her It's A Secret Screening Of Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2

twilight mass effect 3 meme


She'll wonder about all of the people dressed like Batman and why it says The Dark Knight Rises on the marquee. Her primal need to see a secret screening on Twilight will overcome any suspicions she has. Of course, once she finds out it isn't Twilight, her adrenaline could cause her to rip out your throat in a blind rage.


Make The Theater Look Like A Vintage CLothing Store

wearing batman mask in vintage slothing store


There's this new vintage clothing store down at the mall. Yeah. It's really cool. I heard that Diablo Cody is a partial owner or something.


Pick Her Up In A Limo

batmobile limo


Show up to her house in a limo. Tell her that you're going on a surprise romantic date. People will believe anything you say if you are wearing a tuxedo.


Show Her Pictures Of Tom Hardy and Christian Bale Shirtless

hayden panettiere winking


These dudes are total hunky beefcakes. You're a total dumpy buttface. Maybe she'll want to go so she can finally get to see what a real man looks like.


Show Her Newsies And Little Women. Tell Her They Are Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

batman in cast of newsies


Christian Bale is the star of both of these movies. It might work. It also might rot a hole in your brain leaving you a lobotomized shell of the person you once were.


Trap Her In A Pokeball

ash throws pokeball


You have a ton of Pokeballs lying around the house just collecting dust. All of your Pokemon died because you kept forgetting to feed them. Why not put one to a good use?


Threaten To Break Up With Her.

dawson crying


WARNING: THIS MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATELY BEING DUMPED BY GIRLFRIEND! Before trying this, you must ask yourself, "Could I Really Love Someone Who Hates Batman?" Follow your heart.


Have you ever been tricked in to see a movie that you didn't want to see? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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