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7 Websites People Are WAY Too Into

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People love the internet. And I get it, it’s a giant source of (sometimes correct) information, as well as something that hountless countless places for people to go to discuss common interests. But, man, some people REALLY love the internet, in particular certain websites. Which sites? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!



reddit alien obey logo


The “Front Page of the Internet” as some people call it, Reddit has given birth to a lot of memes, as well as hosting some pretty big names to take part in “Ask Me Anything”s. Reddit has a lot of terrible parts, though, with a bunch of forums dedicated to things like “creepshots” of young girls, a really big hub of “Mens Rights Activists” (translation: sexist jerks) as well as a penchant for vigilante justice that can go awry (false Boston Marathon bomber suspect, anyone?) Of course, those are all perfect components for a website people can spend way, way too much time on. Check out some of the post counts on their older, more dedicated contributors. Pretty intense.



twitter fail whale


Once a place for people to catch up on interesting things from more plugged in celebrities, or silly jokes from a batch of comedians who had figured out the format, Twitter is now a mass of humanity, either trying to jumpstart their “brand” (and career), or some person with nothing to say who insists on saying it anyway. There are countless feeds which are nothing but the user “@ replying” to celebrities who never respond back to them. Maybe it’s time you cooled it there, bud.



mom smooching on facebook photo


God this thing sucks now, but people STILL talk about how “addictive” Facebook is. It’s not addictive, it’s dull and filled with people you met once posting about things you cared about never.


Huffington Post

huffington post bush doesn’t think war affects economy


I’ll admit it: I am a balls to the way, obnoxious, holier-than-thou liberal. I think it comes from being a Canadian living in America. Or it’s maybe because my father was Leon Trotsky, who knows. I mention this because Huffington Post is the worst. It’s worse than all of the brazenly dishonest conservative sites, because they’ve given up on pretending like they’re anything other than what they are. The Huffington Post essentially says “We know what you want to hear, so why don’t we just tell you that, objective truth be damned!” but the Huffington Post still acts like it’s some fair, impartial voice of reason. It has a section on homeopathy! Homeopathy! That stuff is garbage! BUT IT IS HUGELY POPULAR AMONG PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO BE INTELLIGENT!


Internet Movie Database

imdb’s top movie list


I only think there must be something wrong with this site because of the type of people who post on it. You know what the users of IMDB have voted as the greatest movie of all time? The Shawshank Redemption. Yeah, it’s a good watch on a Saturday afternoon, but the best movie ever? They also have Se7en as better than CITIZEN KANE THE MOST IMORTANT MOVIE MAYBE EVER MADE. But people get into those rankings. They flame each over them. People who want Wall-E higher say the people who don’t are idiots, and vice versa. It’s essentially a giant databse of movie credits, guys. Lets settle down a bit.


All Porn

work of art with lots of black bars


We watch way too much of it. My friend thinks he’s seen all of it. ALL OF IT.



smosh dudes high fiving cuz they’re friends


Far be it for me to bite the hand that feeds me, but you guys are nuts. I- *is handed a pink slip, cleans out his desk, is shown the door*


Have you ever bitten the hand that fed you? How hard? Was it a prosthetic, because that doesn’t count. Let me know in the comments below!


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