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7 Worst Italians Of All Time

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There have been many great Italians over the centuries since the country first originated. The list is practically endless: Mario, Luigi, Raccoon Mario, Frog Mario…. is Yoshi Italian?  But there have been some less than savory characters in the annals of Italian history as well. Here are some of the worst Italians of all:



Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was the Fascist dictator of Italy from 1922 until the end of the Second World War. During his reign over Italy he usurped power from all facets of Italian government until he held sway over a police state in the country where enemies of Mussolini often met with a violent end. The above picture is of Mussolini at a drive-in movie with Adolf Hitler. This picture was taken shortly before Hitler got a piece of popcorn in his mustache and Mussolini kept trying to help him get it out, but Hitler kept brushing at the wrong part of his mustache.



Nero was the emperor of Rome from the years 54 through 68. He was a jealous, paranoid Emperor who murdered any who he felt might have the slightest chance of opposing him. He even tried to have his own mother murdered in a shipwreck, and then when she survived he had her murdered and made it look like a suicide. He was also incredibly annoying to play Marvel Vs. Capcom with, since he just mashed the buttons but when he won he would always make like he knew what he was doing.



Wario loves war. He loves chaos and bringing misery to others. This guy is so evil when he was "The Dark Knight," he thought the Joker was the good guy.



Even more evil than Wario, WaLuigi is so evil when he's not busy writing fake information on wiki pages, he can usually be found teaching puppies to have low self-esteem.


Mama Celeste

Mama Celeste's pizza might taste great, and you might think she was a harmless old lady who loved making simple, delicious, easy to cook pizza for the masses. But did you know that Mama Celeste includes 5g of Trans fat in every pizza? That's enough Trans fat to make a mouse go temporarily blind.


Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey

I dare you to find a more evil video of an Italian than this one.


The Cast of Jersey Shore

You might argue that the Sopranos were worse than the cast of Jersey Shore. But at least Tony Soprano was seeing a damn shrink, trying to better himself. The closest any of the cast of Jersey Shore have come to introspection is the time Snooki looked through a magnifying glass at her armpit hair to see if she had crabs.


Who are some other evil Italians? Let us know in the comments!

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