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8 Actors Who *Almost* Got the Part

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Being a big name actor seems like a pretty cushy gig, even when you’re getting seriously hurt. But the absolute worst part? Getting this close to a job, losing out on the role, and then seeing it go on to define someone else’s career. Brutal. LET’S REVEL IN OTHER PEOPLE’S MISFORTUNE!

Emily Blunt was almost Black Widow


Given that Natasha Romanov’s first appearance is in Iron Man 2 (oh man, her wig was so bad) it’s interesting that Emily Blunt was in contention for the role. Of course, we know now that she does very well in action films, as evidenced by Edge of Tomorrow. But that movie came out in 2013, which means Marvel saw something in her that other people wouldn’t for three more years.

John Krasinski was almost Captain America


This feels like the precursor to casting Chris Pratt as Peter Quill — make the funny guy with a good jawline super buff, then have him play a super hero. Captain America giving that “Jim from the Office” look directly into the camera would’ve taken some time to get used to, but I bet we could’ve done it.

Sean Connery was almost Gandalf


Man, imagine a Gandalf with a thick Scottish brogue, who once said it was okay to be violent with your intimate partner. I am glad he turned this role down.

SIDEBAR: This dude turned down Gandalf AND Morpheus; what a double disaster.

Emma Roberts was almost Katniss Everdeen


This feels like it would’ve been an absolute disaster — Emma Roberts just has such a petulant teen vibe to her, whereas Jennifer Lawrence manages to pull off the “quiet dignity of someone who has been forced to grow up too fast” thing.

Julia Roberts was almost Leigh Anne Tuohy (from The Blind Side)


Honestly, when I read that Julia Roberts turned down the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy, I was blown away — it is aggressively up her alley, when you look at her performances in movies like Mona Lisa Smile and Erin Brokovich. But I bet Sandra Bullock is glad as hell that Roberts turned it down, considering she won an Oscar for the part.

Dougray Scott was almost Wolverine


Literally, who the hell is Dougray Scott? He couldn’t do X-Men because of a commitment to Mission Impossible 2, a movie I have seen and literally do not recall him being in for even a second.

Sean Young was almost Catwoman


Michelle Pfeifer is literally the best part of Batman Returns and it infuriates me that she wouldn’t have played the part if Sean Young hadn’t broken her arm just before shooting. THINK OF THE TERRIBLE, PFEIFER CATWOMAN-LESS FUTURE WE WOULD BE LIVING IN RIGHT NOW!!!

Tim Roth was almost Severus Snape


Even though he’s probably too old for the part, and maybe a little too dignified, Alan Rickman is just what Snape looks like in my brain now. Tim Roth is a great actor, and probably would’ve brought some great stuff to the role, but this was another casting change that was probably for the best.

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