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8 Baby Products (That They Make For Adults)

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Babies beware, we're moving in on your turf. You thought bibs and feetzy pajamas were just for you? Wrong. They're for grown-ups too. Everyone just wants to return to return to their youth. Back when they had no problems and nothing to worry about other than spilling something on your Garanimals.

We found these bizarre products, designed for children, that adults love too. Just in time for the Holidays folks!


The Drib Adult Bib

The latest thing to hit the market is the all new Drib adult bib. If you can't hold your mud, or your keep your food in your mouth, this is the perfect product for you.

It's not even the first of its kind. You can also get the "Carbib" for sloppy eaters who don't have 10 minutes to get out of their cars, go into a fast food restaurant and eat like a friggin' human being.



Fear no more baby pants! They sell pacifiers for adults who grind their teeth at night… or have simply taken too much ecstasy . Perfect for Rave parties and people who weren't breast fed as children.


Feetzy Pajamas

If you're single and don't care about ever having sex again you could get these awesome feetzy pajamas for adults. WARNING: If you're a dude, footed pajamas will not get you laid. Quite the opposite in fact.


Adult Baby Crib

Well here's one for those of you who have a very active imagination. The adult baby crib is strong and sturdy and makes it easy for your mistress mommy to come over and change your diaper for you, you bad, bad baby, you.


Adult Stroller

If you're really lazy you can purchase this Adult Baby Stroller… okay, well maybe not the one in the picture.


Baby Bottle For Adults

Yep, they make adult sized baby bottles as well. You can sit back and pour yourself a cold one, and literally suck it back all night long.


Adult Sized Baby Bouncer

I can't imagine anything more soothing than rocking back and forth in your very own giant, adult sized baby bouncer. I don't think I would ever get out of this one. I may actually sell my bed and just get one of these instead.



Originally designed to keep babies alive, I think we can all agree that EVERYONE loves boobs. They even come in adult sizes… how fun is that?

Which is your favorite? Let me guess… Boobs?


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