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8 Best Fictional Teachers

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Where would we be without our fictional teachers? Those fantastical few who taught us wizardry, gazed at us through the silver screen with bodacious eyes, and as a result made our real teachers that much more ordinary and boring. Of course I’m referring to a Harry Potter Prof here, but as you’ll see in the list I’ve gathered, there’s many more awesomely unreal instructors for you to behold.


8. Professor McGonagall, Harry Potter.


Though her job description should have more appropriately read as “Harry Potter drama hydrant”, Prof McGonnagal proves she’s so much more. Her active presence on the Hogwarts campus shows that not only that a lady with life experience can hack it in front of a classroom, she’s not half bad battling the Dark Lord. Not impressed yet? The actress that plays her was in “Hook” with Robin Williams. There, I hope you’re happy.


7. John Keating (played by Robin Williams), Dead Poets Society


For those of you who haven’t sat through an English class yet where your teacher passively plays an old copy of “Dead Poets Society,” don’t worry – it’s coming. This movie is a staple to the cool-hip-young-teacher-leads-a-group-of-curious-rebel-teens genre, albeit a long-winded one. Spoiler Alert: This was a prequel to “Glee” minus the songs.


6. Archie “Snake” Simpson, Degrassi: The Next Generation


Considering all of the unplanned pregnancies, teenage drug use, gunfights, stabbings, abortions – you name it going on at Degrassi High every week this guy deserves a medal for sticking to 10% of his lesson plan for the year.


5. Ben Wrightman (Jimmy Fallon), Fever Pitch


Yes, I know this movie came out 6 years ago – but HEAR ME OUT. If Jimmy Fallon was your math teacher – I mean, let’s all take a moment to savor that thought – alright, and he was dating Drew Barrymore – pause for another moment of savoring – WOULD YOU ATTEND THAT CLASS? That’s what I thought.


4. Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), Boy Meets World


A bit of a throwback I know, but Mr. Feeny was truly one of the first teacher characters to cross the threshold of being not only instructor but next-door neighbor; not only mentor but friend. Mr. Feeny taught the current generation of twenty-somethings what hard work looks like, while still maintaining your perfect ‘90s ‘do – and that’s not something to scoff at.


3. Mrs. Krabapple, The Simpsons


Of course, only the most sarcastic, apathetic, snarky, quippy, out-to-lunch teacher could possibly go head-to-head with a student like Bart Simpson, and for that – we salute you.


2. Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), X-Men


You know that if Professor X wasn’t sentenced to rolling around in a wheelchair he would have the meanest mutant roundhouse kick known to man – I mean, I know I’m just stating facts here.


1. Sue Sylvester, Glee


That’s right, Gleeks. I did the unthinkable, I chose the infinitely more charismatic villain than your precious curly haired “This is How We Do it” singing Mr. Schue – but you know what? Coach Sylvester may be onto something, not only are her Cheerios consistently state champions, but she has by far the best lines in this entire series, and if you are as avid a viewer as I hope you to be, you know she’s got some heart – albeit an incredibly small amount, but it’s still there – somewhere.

Who are your favorite fictional teachers? Let us know in the comments!

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