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The 8 Best Terrible Lifetime Movies About Christmas

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There are a lot of great Christmas movies, but the sappy, cheesy Christmas movies are the best. There’s nothing better than sitting down with some hot chocolate and watching a B-list celebrity learn important life lessons about love and the meaning of Christmas. Here are eight of the best terrible Lifetime movies about Christmas!

1. Finding Mrs. Claus

You know those movies where middle-aged women go to Vegas, kick up their heels and get wild? Well this is that movie, except the middle-aged woman getting crazy in Vegas is Mrs. Claus. To make things weirder, she’s played by Oscar winner Mira Sorvino. This is what our society has done to Ms. Sorvino. We should be ashamed.

2. On the 2nd Day of Christmas

In this 1997 classic, security guard Mark Ruffalo catches an aunt/niece Christmas Eve shoplifting team. He has to hang onto them until the jails re-open, because apparently wherever they live the jails close on holidays? In the meantime, love blossoms. I was going to say that this movie stars baby Mark Ruffalo, but honestly this movie was made 20 years ago and he looks exactly the f*cking same. How f*cking old is Mark Ruffalo?? Also his name is pronounced ROOF-alo??? Or used to be, 20 years ago when he was still somehow 35, just like he is now? Lots to take in here.

3. 12 Men of Christmas

Do I even need to explain what this is about? Just the title alone is amazing. Kristen Chenoweth gets fired and for some reason the solution to her problems is to make a sexy naked man calendar. Do you think she’ll fall in love with one of the sexy naked calendar men??? It’s Lifetime so, yeah.

4. Holiday High School Reunion

This movie is basically Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion meets Mean Girls. There’s a reunion, and a girl pretending to be more successful than she is, and a high school crush she wants to get back together with even though he sucks. Then there’s a hot best friend played by AARON SAMUELS (he’s gone from playing high school to playing high school reunions) and do you think she’s going to fall in love with Aaron Samuels?? I bet she falls in love with Aaron Samuels. I won’t spoil it but this trailer totally does so don’t watch the trailer if you like your Lifetime Christmas movies to surprise you with their plot twists. (Just kidding, there is no such thing as a Lifetime Christmas movie plot twist. You see the whole thing coming from the very beginning, it’s part of the charm.)

5. Dear Secret Santa

None of the movies we’ve mentioned so far have had nearly enough time travel. I just can’t get into the Christmas season without a little time travel! You know that movie The Lake House? Well this is a Christmas-themed The Lake House.

6. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

I can’t even really call this a terrible Christmas movie. Grumpy Cat is voiced by Aubrey Plaza and generally is grumpy about all things Christmas. It’s amazing.

7. A Snow Globe Christmas

A workaholic movie producer gets transported into a Christmas snowglobe and she’s thrilled with it, because inside the snowglobe world she has a great husband and kids and snow isn’t cold. It’s like Pleasantville without all the racism.

8. The Spirit of Christmas

By “Spirit”, they mean ghost!! A real estate agent (played by a girl I once took an improv class with, so that’s fun) falls in love with a Christmas ghost and has to solve his murder!

Have you seen any of these? I am obsessed. Which one will you be watching ASAP? Tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!