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8 Best TV Boyfriends!

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Let’s face it: sometimes fictional boyfriends are 10x’s better than any dudes we may meet in real life. They’re suave, funny, usually wearing perfectly coifed hair – they’ve got it all. And though this may be an unfair comparison to the real-life Dudes, that doesn’t mean that we can’t lose ourselves in the fantasy of some of these fictional hotties. I’ve taken the liberty to round up some of the funniest, cutest, well-rounded TV BF’s that I could find. Just sit back, drift off into a daydream of your fictional first date with them and enjoy.


8. Andy Dwyer, Parks and Recreation


What Andy lacks in common sense, he makes up for in tremendous amounts of heart. That and a rockin’ ballad that may or may not be about you when you go on a date (he very well could have swapped your name out with another chick’s, but it’s cool. It’s the thought that counts, right?) Either/or, you’re gonna have a good time with this one.


 7. Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl


Let’s face it – Dan never asked for the sheer amount of drama that he’s forced to endure within Manhattan High Society on Gossip Girl. He’s just a city dude trying to get by, he deserves a million boyfriend points for A. having to deal with Blair Waldorf, and B. Whatever else he chooses to do with Blair Waldorf.


6. Dylan, Modern Family 


Sure, Dylan can be a bit dramatic with his random serenading outside of windows, and that bleeding heart on his sleeve – but love is nothing without passion, and this boy just wreaks of it. 


5. Gavin “Spinner” Mason, Degrassi: The Next Generation


Spinner’s seen a lot of hardcore stuff in his years at Degrassi and post-Degrassi (which still kept him pretty wrapped up with Degrassi for some reason or another). I’m not saying he needs to get a life apart from the dramatic treasure trove of D.H., I’m saying to take this as a measure of his loyalty to his peers and his bevy of super hot girlfriends. He may be the sanest one out of the entire High School – and that’s saying a lot.


4. Finn Hudson, Glee


Sure, yes. Finn stuck with pregnant girlfriend Quinn despite his skepticism on whether or not the unborn kid was in fact his. Sure, yes. He sat along for the ride as Rachel tried to figure out whether or not she had feelings for another dude over him. I don’t take this as Finn being meek or dumb, I take this as a testament to his undying devotion to his ladies – and that alone is better than half of what you find on 


3. Seth Cohen, The O.C.


Seth was the voice of reason in an Orange County world gone to chaos for a reason. He’s stable, he’s smart alec-y in a way that’s pretty attractive, and he’s got eyes for one girl and only one girl (Summer Roberts for those that snoozed through the mid ‘00s) . This makes him not only the cutest comic book geek presented on Television, but the most eligible if he ever went bachelor. Summer – you better watch it, girl.


2. Kurt Hummel, Glee



What’s this? Two Glee boys on one list?! Believe it, sister. Where the other Glee boys fall short in truly expressing themselves to their mate – Kurt swoops past them with flying colors. Where the other dudes are unsure of their identity, Kurt’s already hit the finish line. I would watch a spin-off of him and only him for many seasons, just to see the already-great romance unfold between him and Blaine.


1. Cory Matthews, Boy Meets World


For those not in the know, I strongly advise you look up some classic BMW moments via Youtube. Loyal to his one and only love Topanga since they were in simple puppy love, and true to his friends, family and Feeny (Mr. Feeny for those keeping score); This man taught your current boyfriends how to be boyfriends. A quick glance at any Boy Meets World episode will surely prove, that he is the ultimate TV boyfriend. Case closed.

Who is your favorite TV boyfriend on the list? Are you outraged that your favorite TV boyfriend is missing? Let's discuss TV Boyfriends in the comments!


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