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8 Cartoons That Taught Us Bad Lessons

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One of the things that parents expect cartoons to do is teach their kids some good lessons about morality and life. They're way too busy to do it themselves. Maybe parents should be a little more careful about what cartoons are raising their kids. A lot of them teach great lessons, but some of them don't. Here are cartoons that taught us bad lessons.


Curious George

furious george from the simpsons


Curious George is the cute story about a man and his pet monkey. It makes kids think that owning a monkey is all fun and adorable mischief. The reality of monkey ownership is that your pet monkey is only going to take breaks from flinging poo at you to try and rip your limbs off.


Richie Rich

twenty dollar bill toilet paper


Richie Rich can solve just about any problem. Just throw your dad's money at it. Flunking out of school? Buy them a new library where all of the books are printed on old, used money. That girl you have a crush on doesn't like you? Build a robot that looks and acts like her to be your girlfriend. Want to be President? Money! That's right. Money solves anything. Oh, you don't have money to solve your problems? Get a rich friend who's dad has a ton of money! He'll solve all of your problems with his money. Money rules! Money!


Looney Tunes

Basically anything any character does in Looney Tunes is probably a bad idea to try at home. Unfortunately, we live in a world with cause and effect where there are horrible consequences to blowing yourself up over and over. At the very least, you would have a pretty hefty plastic surgery bill.



pokemon fight to death meme


Pokemon taught us one important thing. It's fun to have your pets fight each other. The fun doesn't last long though because you're probably going to go through all of your animals pretty quick. Go round up all of your friends and tell them to bring over their iguanas, snakes, and fish. It's going to be a grand old time.


The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack

creepy whale van


That creepy old man that you're not related to just wants to be your friend. You guys are just going to go on fun adventures and definitely not do anything creepy. And hey, why you're at it why not just start living in his van with a whale painted on it with him in a totally not creepy way. It's not creepy at all.


Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

meddling kids meme


Scooby Doo is lauded by the Skeptic community for giving a kids a strong message about why you should look for reasonable answers when confronted by paranormal activity. It also taught kids to go meddle around old abandoned factories, airports, and amusement parks and then not go get the police when a monster starts to try to murder you.


Dragonball Z

goku angel collage


In Dragonball Z, every time a character dies, they eventually come back to life even stronger and healthier than they were before they died. This taught kids that if you're killed, you'll get to come back and be strong enough to finally beat up that bully that keeps bothering you.


Cadillacs And Dinosaurs

Who cares if global warming destroys the planet? We're going to get dinosaurs and flying cars. I can't think of a world I want to live in more.


What other cartoons taught you bad lessons? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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