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8 Celebrity Couples We’d Like To See

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Famous people always seem to be hooking up and then getting divorced. They need the Millionaire Matchmaker! Since Patti is busy with her show, I’d like to recommend a few celebrity matches with a real chance at lasting happiness.


1. Emma Watson & Criss Angel

Not only could Emma and Criss have a blast making magic together, but they are both HOT and would make gorgeous kids with awesome wizardly powers. Plus, she would probably grow her hair out again, so they could match. 


2. Dakota Fanning & Vlad The Impaler

Sparkly vampires are wimpy and lame, so I think Dakota Fanning should be with a real man, like Vlad the Impaler, the father of all vampires. On their first date, they could have a nice dinner before Vlad decapitates his enemies and puts their heads on pikes.


3. Vanessa Hudgens & Cory Monteith

Just think of the beautiful music these hotties could make together. Plus, there are already naked pictures of her online, so he knows what he's getting into. 


4. Shenae Grimes & Luke Perry

90210 fans rejoice! Shenae and Luke bridge two generations of the show, the 1990s version and the 2011 version. It doesn’t matter that Luke is old enough to be a grandpa or that his career is all but over. He and Blake would rock that zip code.


5. Clair Bennet & Wolverine

Wolverine has those sharp metal claws, which must make it dangerous when he’s trying to be romantic in a naked way. But nothing can hurt the Cheerleader! The two of them could do the nasty all night long in perfect safety. I hope they use birth control, though, as their kids could be very strange-looking.


6. Miley Cyrus & Lindsay Lohan

These two ladies could be SAB! They both have experience playing two roles at once: Miley is Hanna Montana, and Lindsay played twins in The Parent Trap. But more important, they have similar interests: drugs, middle fingers, and destroying their careers! 


7. Blake Lively & Perez Hilton

These two girls have so much in common! Blake plays a gossip girl on TV, and Perez plays one in real life. Blake could also help Perez find his pants as she is very good at mailing jeans from one country to another.


8. Snooki & Mr. Potato Head

It’s a match made in heaven! Not only are they about the same height, Snooks and Mr. Potato Head are both orange, have the same head shape, are of similar intelligence and are made of plastic. Plus it doesn’t matter if they have a boy or a girl—they can change out the moustache for a flowery hat.

Can you think of any other awesome celebrity couples? Tell us!


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