8 Cheerleaders that Will Make You Root for the Other Team

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Cheerleading has a long and wonderful history of helping fans get behind their squad.

Unfortunately these cheerleaders fail so hard they actually make you want to shift your allegiance to the other team.


You know you’re in trouble when your cheerleading team can’t execute basic maneuvers without ending up with a broken arm and a big ol’ black eye.

Although the guy does look a little creepy.

Yeah. Cheerleading accident. Sure.


Dear Lord, why is he/she winking at me? This definitely makes me want to root for the Oregon State Beavers.


This might be acceptable cheerleader behavior in one of those foreign countries, but you can bet I’ll be rooting for another team if my cheerleader starts taking her third lunch break when she’s supposed to be rallying the players to victory.


These two gentlemen get an ‘A’ for effort.

But, really, unless your team is the San Francisco Tech Pretty in Pinks, you’re not going to want these guys running your cheering section.


Cool. Nice moves.


This is the most unenthusiastic cheerleader dog ever. At least you could get a Golden Retriever or something. Sheesh.


These “girls” should get together with #5 and teach them a thing or two about really getting in the spirit of things.


What has been seen can never be unseen.