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8 Coolest Google Easter Eggs

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The people at Google are so infuriatingly clever!! What with all the cute little tricks and Easter Eggs they're always throwing our way! Sometimes I forget that there are surprises to be had when doing a Google search and I'm not talking about the disturbing things that can pop up when you do a Google image search with your safe search turned off.  Seriously, that can get shady REAL fast. Here's a look at 8 of the all time coolest Google Easter Eggs!


Zerg Rush

 zerg rush google easter eggs


The latest and perhaps greatest Google Easter Egg?? Type 'zerg rush' in the search window. Os will start to fall. Your mission is to destroy them before they take down your search results page. You will waste almost as much time doing this, as you would actually playing Starcraft. DAMN YOU INTERNET!


Chuck Norris Search

 chuck Norris google easter eggs


You could once search for Chuck Norris on Google, press 'Feeling Lucky' and have Google school you on your mistaken feeling of luck.  I tried this today and it appears to no longer work. I can only imagine that Chuck Norris must have gave a roundhouse kick to the internet, permanently destroying the code. Google is not to big to fail in Chuck's eyes.


Google Maps Flight Simulator

 flight simulator google easter eggs


This Easter Egg was SO RAD that Google actually permanently made it a feature on Google Earth.  Click on tools> enter flight simulator. Begin flying around the earth. Best part? You can tell your mom that you did in fact go outside today, when she nags you about your internet obsession. WIN WIN, BABY!


Let It Snow

 google easter eggs


Living in sunny California has its benefits.  Snowy, winter wonderland holidays are not one of them. Luckily, for all of us suffering another Christmas in beach weather, Google made it snow on our laptops. And our screens even fogged up. All we had to do was search for 'let it snow'. It almost makes me cry a little when I think how much the internet has improved my life. Google is way easier to control than Mother Nature. Can a 'stop oncoming hurricane' search solution be far behind?



 nyan cat nyandroid google easter eggs


This an Easter Egg found inside the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Go inside the settings and tap the Android Version number until  a mini Nyandroid appears. AWWW! Long-press it and you will experience a flurry of Nyandroids soaring across the sky. Almost makes me wanna switch to Android. JK.


Directions To Mordor

 mordor lord rings google easter eggs


Go into Google Maps and get walking directions from The Shire to Mordor. Cool, huh? If I was Frodo and happened to be using Google maps to plan my quest, I probably would've just given up after getting this result. That's why I'm considered neither brave nor heroic by anyone I know. On a sidenote Boromir can walk into my Mordor anyday. WHA???


Google Logos Search

 logos google easter eggs


If you press the 'I'm feeling lucky' option with no text in the search box, you can take a stroll down memory lane and view every Google logo EVER! Cause what we really need is more time-wasters on the Internet. I'd like to thank Google, for instantly eliminating all the time they've saved me by producing addictive Easter Eggs.


Barrel Roll

 google easter eggs barrel roll


I miss the barrel roll Easter Egg! Nods to classic Nintendo games always makes me very happy. BARREL ROLL. You're doing it right!

What's your favorite  Google Easter Egg? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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