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8 Dating Profile Red Flags You Should Look Out For

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The only thing worse than dating is online dating. You have to find out if someone is weird based only on their profile picture and a tiny bit of information. Nobody wants to get duped into going out with someone who, in real life, you’d never give the time of day. So we’re here to help — if you watch out for these red flags, your online dating experience can be slightly less unbearable.

They have other people in their profile photo

Who are all these other people? How did they end up in the photo? Was it against their will? Did they hold a bunch of random people hostage and force them to take a photo just so it would seem like they have friends? The answer is most likely yes, which means this is a huge red flag.

They have a long checklist of what they’re looking for

If someone has a really long list of what they’re looking for in their profile, they probably have a specific person in mind. That means that, as a young pauper, they fell in love with a rich child. Class differences tore the two apart, and now their whole life is dedicated to getting their long lost love back. Sorry, but if they end up going out with you, you’ll only be a pawn in their game to win back that childhood sweetheart. Life’s too short for that!

Their profile is empty

When someone leaves their profile empty, they’re not revealing anything about themselves. Chances are they can’t reveal anything about themselves. They’re probably in the witness protection program, and revealing anything like age, location, favorite movie, and what they’re looking for in a partner would tip off the evil crime boss who’s looking for them. Talk about baggage!

They’re wearing sunglasses

What are they hiding? Eyes that can shoot energy beams unless they shield their eyes like Cyclops? Do not go out with this person! Guaranteed, at one point on the date, their glasses will slip, a bright, red light will emirate from their eyes, and you’ll end up fried. No one is worth that, no matter how great they seem online.

Their profile makes them seem like a bot

Do not go out with a bot. Sure, the first few dates will be great. You’ll think to yourself, “Wow, I can really see myself falling in love with this bot.” But they’ll break it off right when you’re starting to feel like things could turn into a relationship. Bots aren’t programed to love. Swipe left!

They’re my ex-boyfriend

It’s a huge red flag when someone is my ex-boyfriend! Don’t swipe right, unless you want to match with someone who thinks it’s cool to break up with you at a Diary Queen on your birthday and also thinks it’s cool to take you to a Dairy Queen on your birthday. Red. Flag. City. But also, he does look pretty cute in his profile picture. Maybe he deserves a second chance?

They’ve been dead for seven years

Sometimes you see someone on a dating app who seems nice. You swipe right. You match. You chat for a little bit and agree to meet up. But when you get to their house for your date, their mom tells you that they’ve been dead for seven years… and along with them, the hope of finding anyone decent on a dating app.

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