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8 Early 2000s Trends That Shouldn’t Come Back

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The Juicy Couture tracksuit is back, which means it’s just a matter of time until we’re all living in 2004 again. And that’s fine with me. What’s so special about 2017 anyhow? Its comedies are definitely worse. That said, I think we should be careful about what early 2000s trends we bring back. Not every trend needs a second life. Here are eight trends from the early 2000s that should not come back.

1. Thongs out of the pants

Thirteen thongs jpg

Why did people do this? Why? The ironic thing about showing your thong is that if you didn’t wear a thong, people would tease you for VPL (visible panty line) showing through your pants. Exposed underwear: good; underwear in your pants: bad. I don’t think this needs to come back.

2. Dress over jeans

dress pants jpg

I’m proud to say I never did this. I have never worn a dress over jeans and I hope I can say that for a long time.

3. Micro-minis

mini skirt jpg

These are just so hard to wear. Real life involves things like sitting down, and picking things up off of the floor.

4. Pointy toe shoes

pointy heels jpeg

Pointy toe shoes haven’t completely disappeared, but in the early 2000s, they were de rigueur for just about any “classy” woman’s outfit. I don’t know why people thought oh, we’re going to the Olive Garden? I need my toes to look really long.

5. Outfits built around showing off your belly button piercing

belly shirt jpg

Honestly I just don’t want this to come back because I don’t have my belly button ring anymore and I don’t want to get it redone. There were shirts that had a slit at the bottom so your belly button ring could show through your shirt. People basically picked out their belly button piercing first and then chose what clothes would best show it off. It was an obsession. I moved on, let’s all move on.

6. Small sunglasses

small sunglasses jpg

THESE WERE MY FAVORITE SUNGLASSES. But why? They’re so small! What the f*ck? I have zero explanation for why I liked these and why I thought these tiny lil’ sunglasses looked good. They also had the inexplicable effect of making a 15-year-old look 40. Also this photo is from the late 2000s, but I’m from Indiana where fashion is always about five years behind.

7. Asymmetrical skirts

asymmetrical hem jpg

Early 2000s skirts were all about asymmetrical hems. Remember handkerchief skirts? Remember why people wore them? Me neither.

8. Shrug sweaters

shrug sweater jpg

These sweaters are evil. They cover up your boobs and put a spotlight on your love handles. Why would anyone want to do that? Combined with the low-rise jeans that were popular at the time, this sweater was a Muffin Top Magnifying Glass. I’m proud to say I may have worn horrible small sunglasses until 2009, but at least I’ve never worn a shrug sweater.

What early 2000s trends do you hope never come back? Also, why did I wear those sunglasses? Tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!