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8 Facts About "Tangled" You May Not Have Known

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Even though I’m an adult, I can’t help but watch a Disney flick every once and awhile. They make me so damn happy! Tangled especially is one of my favorites, and even as a mega-fan, I was surprised by some of these facts. Also, as a complete internet addict who no longer experiences the joy of finding something I’ve never seen, it’s nice to know the internet can still shock me. Here’s hoping that you have the same experience with these surprising Tangled facts!


Idina Menzel originally auditioned for the role of Rapunzel

tangled facts Idina menzel


On her failed audition, Frozen star Idina Menzel said, “I had auditioned for Tangled and I kind of fell between the cracks. The casting director had saved my audition on her phone but I didn’t know she recorded it. She’s sort of a fan and she was always waiting for the right thing.” Well, that “right thing” ended up being Frozen, which is just about the rightest thing ever, and officially made Menzel a star outside of Broadway. Thank goodness she didn’t get the role of Rapunzel, because nobody could belt out “Let it Go” like Menzel did — see every “Let it Go” cover on YouTube for proof of that.


Flynn and Rapunzel have the largest age gap of any of the Disney Princess couples

tangled facts age difference


Whoa. I mean, I know things were different back in the day, but the eight-year age difference between Rapunzel and Flynn makes her borderline jail bait. I love Flynn and I definitely don’t want to think of him in the same category as the creepy dudes who were counting the days until Miranda Cosgrove turned 18. So, what do you say we all just ignore this fact?

By the way, I’m super legal Flynn. Call me.


Tangled wasn’t the original title

tangled facts original title rapunzel


After The Princess and the Frog kind of disappointed at the box office, Disney decided to make its next animated feature appeal to a broader audience (get more boys in the theater seats). that lead the company to change the title to Tangled and focus its early trailers on Flynn Rider. It was a good call — Flynn Rider appeals to everyone. Boys want to be him, girls want to be with him. No one has ever fantasized about Prince Eric. Okay, there was that one time BUT STILL!


Rapunzel was the first princess with supernatural powers

tangled facts supernatural


Although supernatural elements existed in previous Disney Princess movies, Rapunzel was actually the first princess to have them herself. Elsa now joins that list, and I have to say, I like the supernatural direction Disney is taking. I’m a huge fan of all things supernatural. FREE IDEA: Someone should make a Tangled  parody video where Sam and Dean show up!  Flynn would have his work cut out for him, with those two as competition for Rapunzel’s heart. I would take happily take her leftovers.


Clay Aiken was originally attached to play Flynn Rider

tangled facts clay aiken flynn rider


When I see Flynn I wanna think hottie and Clay just doesn’t do it for me. Look, I wanted Clay Aiken to win American Idol. Heck, I even want him to win his bid for a congressional seat in North Carolina. But I am eternally grateful he did not win the role of Flynn Ryder. I don’t have much in my sad life, but at least I have Zachary Levi-voiced Flynn Rider.


Tangled is the first Disney princess movie to be rated PG

tangled facts pg


The PG rating probably has to do with Flynn’s stabbing, but I like to think it was more for the borderline S&M relationship between our two lovebirds — an aspect I’ve proudly expanded upon in my Tangled erotic fan fiction.

Okay, I’m beginning to think I have a problem.


Several Disney characters show up in the Snugly Duckling

tangled facts pinocchio cameos


The pub was certainly hopping, but who knew this scene had so many cameos? In addition to Pinocchio, Pumbaa from The Lion King and Louis from the Princess and the Frog can all be seen in the backgrounds.

Of course, the greatest Disney character cameo will always be Scar as the lion rug in Hercules, because Scar is the greatest. Not a day goes by where I don’t say his quote “I’m surrounded by idiots.” He is my guru, my Oprah.


Mother Gothel actually dies of old age

tangled facts gothel


While it may appear that Mother Gothel dies from her fall, she actually turns into dust before she hits the ground. If only Mother Gothel was born in modern times, then she wouldn’t have to resort to magic to maintain her good looks. She could have gotten plastic surgery. I have the feeling Mother Gothel would have ended up so freakishly preserved she could have given Joan Rivers a run for her money!

Which one were you surprised by? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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