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8 Fictional Characters That Are Horrible Role Models For Girls

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In my opinion, it's pretty important that girls grow up seeing bad a** smart and funny girls who they can look up to. More Hermione Grangers, less Paris Hiltons, ya know? Now I get that it's difficult to find real living role models for girls to emulate, what with the Kardashians and the Ke$ha-types being in vogue and all. But there is no excuse when it comes to fiction! Get with the program, fiction writers! Here's my list of some fictional characters that are horrible role models for girls.


Cho Chang


Believe me, I know I'm gonna hear it for this choice and I'm not a hardcore Cho-hater. She has lots of good qualities, I mean she's a bada** female athlete and that's always a good thing. But she's also the girlfriend from hell. Jealous, needy and constantly bawling about her dead ex, who goes on to be resurrected as the most boring thing ever to sparkle. Girl does not know how to just be happy being single. You don't need a man to be complete, Cho Chang!  I'm not even gonna get into how she defended Marietta. Maybe if someone could Obliviate that memory, I could like her again. Dumbledore's Army 4EVA!




I'm like so happy that Cinderella found true love with a rich stranger who rescued her from her horrible life. But wouldn't it have been better if she did it for herself? Like instead of a fairy Godmother, she did it with sophisticated cunning, a lust for revenge and the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique"? More Kill Bill, less "My Hero!"


Rachel Berry


Being desperate for attention is never a good quality. Desperate girls have two options. They'll either end up on 16 and Pregnant or they'll be derping their way through an annoying cover of Miley Cyrus' The Climb. Rachel is so annoying she makes me hate talent.




If you want your daughter to grow up and work the pole or be a contestant on Big Brother 86, these are the dolls for you! These girls make Barbie look like a feminist icon. I mean, at least Barbie has a job and a boring but dependable boyfriend. Bratz dolls should be sold with condoms and a prescription for Valtrex. 




Smurfette was created by Gargamel to wreak havoc in the peaceful all-male community of Smurfs. Because nothing causes chaos like a woman…am I right? Papa Smurf broke the spell and voila! Her hair became blonde, she started wearing high heels and she became a smurfing hot babe, who knew her place. Way to represent!


Kelly Kapoor


There's nothing wrong with being a gossiping, boy-crazy teen. Unless you're a grown-ass woman! Although, she is my favorite character on The Office, so I don't  wanna get rid of her or anything, just use the opposite of what she does as your role model. 'Kay?


The Little Mermaid


Get a vagina, keep your mouth shut and get the man of your dreams! Ahhh fairy tales…Y U hate little girls so much?


Bella Swan


Do I really need to explain this one?  If Gloria Steinem were dead, she'd be rolling over in her grave!

So… who did I forget? And who do you disagree with? You can yell at me @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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