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8 Foods Targeted At Gamers!

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We know a lot of you probably consider yourself to being hardcore gamers. Gaming isn't just about playing video games. It's a complete lifestyle. A big part of that lifestyle is to also only eat food that has been marketed specifically to you. If you're not going to eat these, no one else will. These are our favorite foods targeted at gamers:


Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Ultime Warrior Holds Game Fuel


This product was targeted at WOW and Halo players. I'm pretty sure the goal was to give gamers an extreme case of diabetes. If they can't walk, they won't stop playing.


Gamer Food

cartoon eats gamer food nuts


These are caffeinated nuts. That's right. Nuts laced with caffeine. Now that you know these exist, why would you ever want to eat anything else? They send them through the mail. You'll never have to sleep or leave your house again.


Nintendo Cereal System

nintendo cereal box art


This breakfast cereal came with both Super Mario Bros and Legend Of Zelda cereals in the same box. The pieces were shaped like the characters from the games. You'll never be lonely if you're always carrying Mario and Link around inside you.


Bawls Mints

bawls mints statue


Who needs all of that boring teeth brushing to keep your breathe minty fresh? These Bawls Mints will give you a caffeine jolt and keep your breathe fresh all day and all night and all day and all night and all day and all night long.



This was the earliest example of marketing a drink to gamers that I could find. It promised to keep you refreshed during long hours spent at a Pac-Man machine. If you're parents drink 7-Up, there's a good chance they were secretly gamers when they were kids.


Pac-Man Pasta

pacman pasta can


The best part of this pasta was that you finally got to live the dream of being a devourer of worlds! I would scream at my pasta bowl, “BOW BEFORE ME CITIZENS OF PACWORLD OR BE DEVOURED!”


Mana and Health Energy Potions

mana and health potions


This energy shot contains as much caffeine as two Red Bulls. It is only for the really serious hardcore gamer. Just an FYI though. This won't actually increase your mana or health in real life. You'll have to increase those the old fashioned way: destroying every clay pot and box in sight.


Zombie Jerky

zombie jerky


Now you can finally pretend that you're feasting on the undead flesh of your most recent kill in any zombie video game with Zombie Jerky. This jerky comes in a puke green color that will have your mouth watering. Just be careful not to let your cat get too close to you while you're uncontrollably feasting or you may accidentally wind up with a hairball stuck in your throat.


What food do you like to consume while you game? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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