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8 Horrible Movie Character Names To Give A Baby

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Thanks to the Twilight series, Jacob and Bella are two of the most popular baby names right now. 


I guess it could have been worse – Stephanie Meyer could have named the main characters Ethel and Boris and then a whole generation would have been really screwed. It’s great to be a fan of something, but when you start naming your firstborn after a Transformer, you might want to take a step back. Here’s our list of the eight characters you probably don’t want to name your kid after.


8. Hermione Granger


True, Emma Watson turned out to be one of the most level-headed (and hottest) actresses in Hollywood, but you don’t want your daughter to go all Voldemort on next person who asks her what Harry is up to.


7. Captain America


Captain America is a true all American hero, but maybe you should reconsider calling your bundle of joy “Captain” and consider his alter-ego: Steve.


6. Pussy Galore


Sure she’s a powerful woman who gives even James Bond a run for his money. But unless you dream that your little girl will one day be working  the pole…I suggest you go with something a teensy bit more chaste.


5. Hunger Games – Katniss and Peeta


The books kick butt and we can’t wait for the movie to come out, but Katniss and Peeta might be a little too far out there for us folks in the 21st century.


4. Gaylord Focker


Just like Ben Stiller’s character in the movies, your kid would have to grow a tough skin to pull off a mouthful of a name like that.


3. Jar Jar Binks



You’re just asking for your kid to be the most annoying child of all time. Do you really want your sweet little offspring to be named after the character who is widely held responsible for ruining the Star Wars Franchise’s good name? Second only to George Lucas of course.


2. Thor


Thor was responsible for protecting all of mankind – do you really want your kid to be under that kind of pressure?


1. Optimus Prime


Leave this name to your action figures. Naming your child after a magical truck is just wrong on so many levels.


What characters do you think would make funny baby names? Which ones would actually sound pretty sweet? Let us know in the comments!


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