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8 Jokes You Won’t Believe They Got Away With On Victorious

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iCarly isn’t the only Nickelodeon show bringing us naughty sexual innuendo. I have a feeling all this naughtiness is the reason all of these shows are so popular! Creator Dan Schneider sure has figured out a winning formula…wait…maybe I could make a career in teen television comedy?  Here’s 8 of my dirty mind’s favorite Victorious naughty jokes! And yes more than one involves Jade. Duh!


A Christmas Tori

victorious dirty victorious dirty


Joke In Question: Jade interprets Andre’s innocent joke about grades into one about boobs. Oh Jade!

I’m starting off with one of the more innocent dirty jokes, but Victorious is so boob joke heavy I felt I had to pay tribute.  I feel like I was Jade in High School, only I never got Ds. Get your mind out of the gutter, I was a straight A student!  With some borderline Bs.



victorious dirty


Joke In Question: A teacher gives someone behind a screen a mic telling her to put it on Tori’s head, followed by Tori responding “that is not my head.”

Where the heck did they stick that microphone? Pilot episode and we’re already making inappropriate jokes about phalluses.  A hint of things to come. Oh no I didunt!



victorious dirty


Joke In Question: This scene takes place in Beck’s car:

Beck: “Come on, let’s just go. It’ll be fun.”

Jade: “Noo…”

Beck: “Why not?”

Jade: “Because I didn’t shower this morning and I had tuna fish for lunch…”

I don’t even know if I can explain this without making it sound even worse. Google it if you must.


Freak the Freak Out

Joke In Question: ‘Give it Up’  lyrics

sample: Look at me, boy ‘Cause I got you where I want you Isn’t it so exciting? Wanna shake you, wanna break you Take the backseat, boy, ’cause now I’m driving.

Um, the title is pretty suggestive and then things just get suggestiv-er.  I’m sure millions of teen boys everywhere would be happy to have Tori take them for a ride.  <Insert stick shift joke here>


Trapped In An RV

victorious dirty


Joke In Question:

An exchange between Cat and one of the boys:

Boy: “You spun a beautiful pot.”

Cat: “You helped me spin it…”

Boy: (suggestively) “Later we’ll glaze it.”

Cat: “… Thank you.”

Um…this is another one that I feel can’t be explained without making things WAY worse. I just don’t think I should be the one giving you the birds and bees talk.


Cat’s New Boyfriend

victorious dirty


Joke In Question:

This whole conversation: Jade: “(while Cat and Danny are dancing) Daniel ever spin you like that?”

Tori: “You wanna get slapped with a sausage?”

Jade: “Sure.” 

Gosh I love Jade. And I’m thinking Beck probably does too.


The Breakfast Bunch

victorious dirty victorious dirty


Joke In Question: The taco threesome. Jade wants Beck to give Cat some hot sauce for her taco.

Yep. I’m thinking Beck must REALLY love Jade. As much as I love tacos even. Like the food variety.


Cat Valentine’s Random Thoughts ~ The Slap

Joke In Question: Cat is grunting while she squeezing a potato and screams ‘GIVE UP THE JUICE!”

Does everything just seem dirty to me?? Because this video has a bunch of  things that had my dirty mind sense tingling. But the potato bit…let’s just say a lot of YouTubers were offering to give up their juice if the potato didn’t oblige. YouTubers wanted to be that tuber, yo!

What are some other dirty things you’ve noticed on Victorious? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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