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8 Most Common Types Of YouTube Comments

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Oh, YouTube! I couldn't waste more time on your site if I tried! And believe me, I try! When I'm not spending hours watching videos of people getting hit in the balls by their dogs or kittens snoring, I like to go down the rabbit hole of reading endless pages of viewers' comments. The amused/enraged combo just happens to be my favorite emotion, so it's perfect for me. Here are the eight types of comments I see the most. Other than LOL, WTF and LMAO of course.


That Joke Is Old 


'Arrow in the knee' is the current popular recipient of this accusation. You know what's really old?  People saying something's old an hour after its internet birth. It takes time to upload a video, people! I think we should give people at least a day before we tell them what a tired hack loser they are. Here's a hint video makers: if you can't get a topical video up within minutes of its relevance, wait two days to upload it. Then it will be nostalgic and ironically funny again. You're welcome!


Inappropriately Sexual


These are probably my favorite type. Comments about wangs and wood really break up the monotony of awws and cutes in the comment section of a cat video. And honestly, Maru In A Giant Box is just asking for some naughty word play.


Something Incredibly Racist/Sexist/Homophobic


Classic troll. Act like a redneck Hitler hybrid on a President Obama clip. Watch Lil' Wayne's 'Lollipop' 800 times. Comment that he's your f*ckin' hero. Look like inbred d-bag. The end.


A Disappointed Fan


This person thinks [insert name here] used to be good, but is disappointed in their latest effort. He writes a snide comment about someone else's hard work, stopping only to yell at his mom from the basement to inform her that the Hot Pocket she cooked for his is still cold inside. Then he goes back to crushing spirits as his alter ego lordofthefap18.




Sometimes these comments are so hilarious, I wish the creators of them would start making videos. I would totally watch The Adventures of Bong Cat.


Someone Defending Against The Haters


Most commonly seen defending Justin Beaver or telling us all that we're a-holes for making fun of Rebecca Black. "Nice to make fun of a 14-year-old, guys," they reprimand. Don't you just hate it when someone makes you question your bad behavior?? Which leads me to…


Hating On The Defender


Come on everybody! Let's all direct our inappropriate Rebecca Black hatred on her legal-aged defender! Wow! Bullying. It does get better!


The Mentally Deficient


These people are the human equivalent of a facepalm. Or they are the funniest human beings on the planet. I can't decide.

What kind of YouTube Comments bug you? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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