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8 of the Most Expensive Funko Pops

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You know what Funko Pops are, but more importantly, they know who YOU are. These soulless little guys are sitting on millions of shelves as we speak, staring with their beady little eyes, plotting our demise. And some of them are so rare, you can expect to pay a small fortune just for the power they’ll hold over you. Here are eight of the rarest Funko Pop Vinyls that might just steal your soul.

1. Ned Stark

expensive funko ned

Of course you love Game of Thrones, but how would you like to pay in the neighborhood of $640 for the bloody headless corpse of Ned Stark staring back at you from your work desk, hmm?

2. Planet Arlia Vegeta

expensive funko vegeta

What Vegeta lacks in creepiness, he more than makes up for in pure, unbridled rage. Your bank account certainly won’t be over 9000 when you shell out $820 for this furious little jerk. (I very highly doubt you have more than 9819 dollars in your bank account, but if you do, way to go!)

3. Freddy Funko Boba Fett

expensive funko fett

Freddy Funkos, the stupid little Diet Alfred E. Neuman Funko variants, are super rare and expensive as a whole, but did you know that you can part with 850 big ones for this ruthless, freckle-faced bounty hunter?

4. Silver Batman

expensive funko batman

Just like Freddy Funko variants, silver pops are also extremely rare. So who wouldn’t want the unsettling visage of a mercury-dipped Dark Knight on their shelf? It’s just a handful of change, really. Only about $880 worth.

5. Glow in the Dark Green Lantern

expensive funko lantern

Turning the lights off was the only escape from these stupid little creepsters. Bow even the dark is no respite from the torture. Shut up, Hal Jordan, you’re not here to save us. You’re just here to put us out $1140.

6. Shadow Trooper

expensive funko shadow

See, at least this Shadow Trooper has the common courtesy to be sheathed in black. Wait, dammit, that just means he can hide in the shadows. Ah well, at least it’s only… wait, $1580? Okay, come on, guys. Now you’re just letting them win.

7. Gold Clown Dumbo

expensive funko dumbo

Do I even need to tell you how terrifying this is? That gold metallic finish doesn’t change the fact that it’s a black-eyed anthropomorphic clown elephant. And one that will run you $1760 just to devour your fears and inspire your nightmares. Cool. Cool cool cool.

8. Alex from A Clockwork Orange

expensive funko alex

Yep. This is what we’ve come to. See, recent runs of Alex DeLarge are fairly common, I mean, in as much as adorable chibi-adjacent depictions of murderous street thugs from the retro-future go. But this OG run was limited, and a Glow in the Dark variant went for $13,000. Let that sink in.

You know what, Funko. You win. I need a glowing, murdering, eyeball-cufflink-wearing Pop in my home. I’ll just be singing “Singin’ in the Rain” while I pay off this debt for the rest of my mortal existence.

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