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8 Movies With Awesome ’80s-Inspired Soundtracks

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Still on an ‘80s high from Stranger Things 2 and want to keep it going? Lots of ‘80s movies have incredible soundtracks, and the past few years have seen a resurgence of modern movies with cool, ’80s-inspired synth-heavy scores. Here are eight movies with awesome ‘80s and ‘80s-inspired soundtracks.

1. Drive

Drive has an amazing soundtrack from musicians like Kavinsky, Desire, and Chromatics, and a score by Cliff Martinez. I think Drive is basically responsible for the resurgence of ‘80s music and aesthetics. Neon and synthesizers? Yes please.

2. Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde is an action movie set in 1989 and has a completely badass soundtrack to match, with tracks from Bowie, George Michael, and the Clash. It includes modern covers of ‘80s songs as well, to add that contemporary ‘80s-inspired feel that’s so popular right now.

3. Beyond the Black Rainbow

This strange 2012 sci-fi horror movie is set in the ‘80s and has a sick, creepy soundtrack to match.

4. It Follows

This 2015 horror movie about a creepy monster that follows people has the ultimate creepy synthesizer ’80s soundtrack. Who knew the ’80s could be so terrifying? (Probably everyone who lived through them.)

5. The Guest

The Guest stars a guy from Downton Abbey who ditches his British accent for a Southern one to play a former soldier who stays with a fallen comrade’s family and then starts killing people. At least he kills people to a super-slick ‘80s-style soundtrack!

6. The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon is another collaboration between the director and composer of Drive, so it has a similar 80’s-inspired electronic score.

7. Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy has an awesome ’80s-inspired soundtrack by Daft Punk. It’s really too bad they canceled the third Tron movie. Don’t they know awesome synth pop soundtracks are all the rage right now?

8. Manhunter

Want to know what all this ‘80s electronic score stuff sounded like in the actual ‘80s? Look no further than Manhunter, the 1986 film starring the guy from CSI before he got old, chasing criminals to a synth pop soundtrack.

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