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8 New Emoticons To Express Your More Complex Feelings

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It's usually pretty easy to tell which emoticon to use when you hear hearing that someone's throwing you a birthday party or that your grandma died. But what if your grandma dies because they're throwing you a birthday party? Well, now the emotion you should be feeling is a little trickier, isn't it? Here are some new emoticons that might help you out.



Great for something that initially makes you happy but then makes you sad once you think about it for a second.


\: '

You're mad, but in a fun sitcom-y way. Like how Danny Tanner always got mad at Kimmy Gibbler on Full House.



You see nothing but money in that idea.



Sometimes social etiquette demands you feel sad about something, but deep in your heart you're actually okay with what's happened. This is a great emoticon to use when a hot friend is going through a breakup.


The logo from NBC's Parenthood

This is the perfect emoticon to use if you're concerned that your long-absent father's sudden reemergence into your mother's life will affect her new relationship and while you still love him you have to ask him to leave town for the sake of her happiness and also the new guy your ex is dating is taking your son to a football game and you feel like you're being replaced as a parent and finally you've just given birth and don't feel attractive to your husband anymore especially because he just hired an attractive secretary at work but you know he still loves you but that doesn't make the feelings of jealousy any less real.



You're growing concerned you're losing your battle with mental illness.


xx P

You're dead, but in a fun sitcom-y way. Like how Danny Tanner finally killed Kimmy Gibbler on the last episode of Full House.


( ._. )

You're surprised, but realize that what was said was so obvious it shouldn't have been a surprise.

What complex emotions do you need an emoticon for? Talk about them in the comments! I bet you'll feel better!


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