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8 Pokemon You Want At Your Pool Party

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Pool parties are great. No one is trying to argue with you there. But every time I go to one it just seems like something is missing. What's missing? That's right. Pokemon. Here are Pokemon that you should have at your pool party:



  little kid squirtle


A pool party is all about having fun in the water, and Squirtle knows how to have fun in the water. Squirtle is a living water gun that you don't need to refill every five minutes. You'll win every fight with him on your side.



charmander bar and grill


You've got all of these burgers and hot dogs and you just realized that the propane tank on your grill is empty. What are you going to do? That's why you need Charmander around. He'll be able to cook up all of your assorted meats. I just hope you like them well done.



kid at empty pool


You might be wondering, why would you ever want an Onix at a pool party? Can it even fit in the pool? The reason you want Onix around is because it can do the best cannonballs. Sure, he might splash all of the water out of the entire pool, but it will be worth it to watch everyone get drenched.



pokeball pinata


Having a fun pool party in today's modern world is all about including traditions from multiple cultures. That's why you should invite Lombre. He's sure to bring a badass pinata filled with all sorts of tasty Mexican candy.



party pikachu


You have to invite Pikachu. Everyone loves Pikachu. He'll be the life of the party. I hope he tells that one joke that goes, “Pika pika. Pika. Pika… CHUUUUUUU!” LOLOL! It gets me every time. Just don't let him get too close to the water or you might be sending all of your guests home in body bags. ZZZZAP!



frozen pool


The reason to invite Cryogonal is simple. Halfway through the party, you can use it's ice beam to freeze the pool. Your summertime pool party just turned in to a summertime ice skating party! You'll be the coolest person in your neighborhood.



jynx kisses brock


No pool party is complete without hot babes hanging around the pool. Unfortunately for you, no hot babes want to get anywhere near your house. Luckily, you've got Jynx. Jynx is the hottest of all of the Pokemon. Something's better than nothing, bro.



group nap cats


Every good party needs some entertainment. Jigglypuff has the most beautiful voice in the entire Pokemon universe. Sure, Jigglypuff's song will put everyone to sleep, but what better way to end a pool party than a group nap?


What other real animals would make good Pokemon? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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