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8 Reasons You Should Stop Looking at Your Phone All The Damn Time

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Granted, your phone may be your main connection to the outside world, but that doesn’t mean it should be your whole world. If you can’t stop gazing at that little glowing box in the palm of your hand, stop trippin’ and start readin’. This. Read this. Not the millionth text message your BFF sent you today. Ignore that–it’ll still be there after you read this. I PROMISE.


You’re Addicted to Power

why you should stop looking at your phone always looking for an outlet


No one wants to be that friend…y’know, the one constantly on the hunt for juice. There’s nothing more annoying than having to get down on your hands and knees to help your pal find an outlet to charge their phone at. Especially when you know they’re doing it in lieu of actually talking to you.


You Feel Left Out

why you should stop looking at your phone you feel left out


By spending hours watching other people’s lives unfold on your phone instead of living your own, you end up feeling way more isolated from society than you should be. This self-imposed isolation can even make you depressed. Think about the last time you saw a party on Instagram you weren’t invited to…betcha felt pretty bad, right? Screw that party. Throw your own.


You’re Damaging Your Neck

why you should stop looking at your phone you’re damaging your neck


Now, I’m no medical professional or nothin’, but I think it’s safe to say that having your neck pointed downwards at your phone all the time can’t be good for it. It seems inevitable that, at one point, you’re going to permanently damage your neck, aka the thing that holds your skull up. Which is pretty much the lamest injury one could possibly sustain, other than video game-induced carpal tunnel syndrome.


You Could Hurt Someone

why you should stop looking at your phone could hurt someone


There are a buttload of PSAs about the dangers of texting and driving because there should be a buttload of PSAs about the dangers of texting and driving. It’s dangerous, damnit! You could kill someone doing it! Hell, you can even hurt yourself by staring at your phone–I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tripped while texting.


You’re Ignoring People

why you should stop looking at your phone you’re ignoring people


Ugh, there’s nothing worse than going out with someone who just stares at their phone the whole time. Listen–there are actual human beings around you that you’re ignoring, jackass. God forbid you pay attention to ’em over some Instagram photo of a chick in a bikini.


No One’s Going to Hate You if You Don’t

why you should stop looking at your phone don’t need to know what your friends are doing


While it may seem as though you OMG TOTALLY NEED to know exactly what your friends are doing 24/7, I assure you being out of the loop for an hour or two isn’t gonna make them lose their minds and defriend you on Facebook. And if it does, you don’t need friends like them anyway. Because they are completely insane.


It’s Giving You OCD

why you should stop looking at your phone giving you ocd


It’s no wonder you can’t concentrate on your schoolwork–your attention keeps drifting from subject to subject, just like your fingers scroll from update to update on your phone. Constantly checking your phone ruins your attention span, making you unable to focus for more than five minutes on anything that isn’t Facebook related.


You’re Never Bored

why you should stop looking at your phone you’re never bored


When you’re constantly on your phone, you don’t have the luxury of being bored. And when you’re never bored, you never have to use your imagination to entertain yourself. Which, IMHO, is not a good thing.


Are you addicted to your phone? Let me know in the comments!


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