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8 Saddest Animated Deaths

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I consider myself a pretty cold-hearted person. But even I, with my black, black heart, will shed massive amounts of tears while watching these animated death scenes. Some of them even make me convulsively snot cry. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! If you are not crying after watching all of these clips, then you are probably serial killer material. I'll accept super hard throat lumps if you consider yourself too butch to cry, but I'll still be wary of you in a dark alley. Here's a look at 8 of the most gut-wrenching animated deaths ever made.



Mufasa–The Lion King

Yeah I could've saved this one for the big list ender, but who would I be kidding? There is no way in hell this wouldn't make the list. There is nothing sadder than a little lion cub trying to wake up his dead daddy. It's true. I read that fact on Wikipedia. Damn I'm getting throat lumpy just thinking about this scene. Here's a funny photo that some sick bastard took at a Disney Store to make us all less sad:


You can come back to it when you need to laugh. 



If I wanted to see the story of Hachi, I would've seen the movie. Seriously, I can't even read the description of that movie without getting depressed. So thanks, Futurama, for sneaking a Hachi-like scene into your comedy show. That's effed up.


Bambi's Mom–Bambi

Dear hunters, you suck. Your actions not only supply your family with meat, they ruin childhoods as well. In the future please refrain from killing adorable animated deer's mommies. Okthnxbai.


The Iron Giant

Apparently, robots have hearts too, even if they don't visit the Wizard of Oz. It's weird crying over a hunk of metal dying though. I usually only do that when I accidentally drop my iPhone in the toilet.


Ray The Firefly–The Princess And The Frog

What really gets me with this death is the part after Ray dies and his star joins Evangeline in the sky.  Oh! And Louis the alligator's blubbering. I can't take it it when big strong lovable characters bawl without shame. I think we should all promise to never squash a bug again. You never know…that bug might be a Cajun rapscallion bringing comic relief to an animated Disney flick. Or maybe it's just a roach. Feel free to squash those.


Littlefoot's Mom–The Land Before Time

It's like Mufasa's death, only she gets to give her baby one last inspirational talking to. It's good thing she's talking because when I watch this I have a lump in my throat that is so painful, I almost want to call 911. 'Dear sweet Littlefoot' gets me every time.


Optimus Prime–The Transformers: The Movie

This death ruined many a childhood. Sure he comes back to life, but still! Unfortunately for him, he had to star in the Michael Bay Transformers films. A fate worse than death.



You will start crying long before the dying. When is someone gonna cure dying?!?! Can't we at least cure animated dying? Get on it science!

Which death made you cry the most? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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