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The 8 SCARIEST Pokemon!

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When people think of Pokemon, they usually think of cute, cuddly little animals frolicking in a field. But not every Pokemon is Jigglypuff. There's a much darker side to the Pokemon Universe. These are the scariest Pokemon:



gliscor attacks camera


Gliscor is first on this list because it is two of the scariest animals to exist rolled in to one horrifying creature. It is half scorpion and half bat. On top of that, Gliscor is over 6 feet tall. It should be getting taken down by Van Helsing, not being kept in a Pokeball.



karrablast standing on path


Despite being the smallest Pokemon on this list, Karrablast on one of the scariest. It looks like a giant, rabid tick. Don't make it mad by trying to scare it away. Karrablast will melt your face off with a spray of acid from its mouth.



Steelix will kill you. It weighs over 800 pounds. Steelix will crush you to death without even realizing you were there. If this made it to the real world, it would take an Army to defeat it. It's such a scary bad@$$ that someone even made a sweet tribute video.



machamp holding rock


Have you ever wanted to get beaten up by every bully ever all at the same time? You're in luck! Machamp can punch over 1,000 times in 2 seconds. It's the SuperBully. Make sure you carry extra lunch money to school tomorrow.


Mr. Mime

mr mime cosplay


When it's not battling in a Pokemon tournament, Mr. Mime works as a demented children's party clown who wants to keep you in its basement. His special ability allows it to create invisible walls so it can keep you forever and ever.



muk is kum backwards


On top of looking like the melting bad guy from Robocop, Muk is also completely made of toxic waste. It oozes a toxic goo that kills plants on contact. Keeping a Muk is a surefire guarantee that you're going to get cancer.



tentacruel destroys city


Tentacruel is a living nightmare. If I saw a Tentracruel in person, I would think that the apocalypse had come and the demon Cthulhu had come back to enslave humanity. ALL HAIL TENTACRUEL!!!1



jynx in love


Jynx isn't scary for what it might do to you. It's scary for what you might do to it. We've all been there. You come home from a late night feeling lonely. Be careful! You don't want to have a life time of regret.


What Pokemon do you think are the scariest? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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