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8 Things We Learned From Mean Girls

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And now we’ve reached the portion of the service where we must bow our heads and pray to our lord and savior, Tina Yahweh Fey. Let her in to your life, as her lessons are endless. Here are just 8 from the book of Mean Girls. Pray with me.


8. Africa is not to be understood

mean girls Africa


Sometimes racism is best served piping hot (aka by Amanda Seyfried).


7. A Mother’s love is truly endless

mean girls mom


And so is God’s.


6. Stop blaming Lindsay Lohan!

mean girls lohan


We really are the ones to blame here.


5. Teachers don’t get paid enough

mean girls teachers


Don’t judge. RENT IS EXPENSIVE. And do you even know the going rate for buttons these days? A LOT.

mean girls teachers2



4. The female body is extraordinary

mean girls weather


They can tell when its raining AND they act as umbrellas for your belly button.


3. People get rich off of dumb stuff

mean girls invent


Mushy pastry with sticky goo. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?.


2. Indians are smart

mean girls Indians


Stereotypes are often based in reality.


1. Female dogs love to fetch

mean girls fetch




What else did Mean Girls teach us? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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