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8 Trends I’m Glad Are GONE

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From what I played with to what I wore, I lived through and survived some horrendous trends. Here are a few I’d like to spotlight. These are near and dear to my heart but I can’t say I miss them.




More like TamaGOTCHYA by the balls…I was a slave to this thing! I was terrified of it dying and it was exhausting feeding it all day. It was kind of like having a Furby but not even soft!


Zip Off Pants


Listen, It was hard enough finding pants that looked good on my sixth grade self so when they also needed to look good as shorts I was screwed.


Slap Bracelets


First of all what is with this ad? Why would anyone need to be told where they can wear a slap bracelet and further, why would this be good at a picnic? Also, the sound of these was annoying and I was basically addicted to slapping myself.


Beanie Babies


All I can say is WOW. My poor mother had to run around town frantically searching for Princess Diana bear or the limited edition Rainbow Bear, emptying her wallet on these dopey little sacs of beans. So, as the 300 creatures sit in my attic, the promise of their growing value fading into the darkness, I simultaneously am furious and relieved.




I wanted to understand pogs so badly but I just didn’t. WHAT WERE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THEM??




I didn’t really know what to call these besides creepy. I felt really bad-ass in these though…with the matching bracelet.


Von Dutch Hats


Trucker hats in general were a fashion nightmare. I looked especially awful in my neon green trucker hat from a flea market…like a homeless rave rat.


Lisa Frank


These were the cream of the crop in terms of elementary school academic style…Without a Lisa Frank folder or pencil who were you? A loser. Looking back, I’m wondering what drugs Lisa Frank was on.

What embarrassing trends did you rock? Let us know in the comments!

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