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8 Ways To Get A Guy To Notice You

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You’re over being single and more than ready to couple up, but it seems impossible these days to get a guy’s attention. Well follow these surefire tips and in no time people will be staring at you and your guy and saying ‘nice pair’!


Nothing Is Sexier Than A Girl Who Knows Cars

There’s no way a guy won’t take notice when you display your talent under the hood. While most girls can barely turn on their headlights, you can demonstrate the impressive power of your dual impact air bags. Bonus points if you know how to drive a stick shift!


Stimulate His Mind

Nothing gets a guy going more then when you entice him with those large frontal lobes. So titillate him with some fascinating conversation and then let him spend some time exploring your huge rack of books. Guys definitely like being turned on to new things!


Be Adventurous

It’s no secret….guys love motorboating! So it’ll be easy to get him on board with that. But it might not be so easy to get him to go deep sea diving with you. If he’s a little nervous about diving deep, then tell him to just relax on the boat and promise that when you return you’ll share your treasure chest with him anyway. Guys love a girl who’s daring and caring.


Take Out The Big Guns

He sees you as the nice girl next door, so won’t he be surprised when you break out the big guns! After you take him to the range, you can take him home and show him your gun collection. Let him play with your civil war era Bazookas and he’ll be more than intrigued!


Get Cooking

Guys love a girl who cooks! Why do you think Giada de Laurentiis is so popular? If you garden you can really impress him by preparing something to eat using your own juicy tomatoes and ripe melons. He’ll be heaping mounds of compliments on you in no time!


Tickle His Funny Bone

He’ll be all a titter when you get goofy with him! Guys wanna see that a girl can let it all hang out and have some fun! So don’t be shy…bust out your best zingers! Better yet, bring your jumbo balloons and suggest a water balloon fight! When you’re soaking wet and heaving with laughter, he’ll think he’s died and gone to heaven!


Get Physical

Into hiking? He’ll forget all others when you introduce him to the massive mountains you rock! And when he’s all hot and sweaty after navigating those peaks, show him your thoughtful side by whipping out some big jugs of water to quench his thirst!


Play Games

No not the psychological kind! A Guy loves nothing more than sitting down in front of the boob tube and showing you how he can work those knobs! Let him show off a little bit, then take control and show him why in junior high you were known as the queen of the joystick!

So what do you think guys? Would any of these tricks get you to notice a girl? Let us know in the comments!

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