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8 Ways Superman Isn’t So Super

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Sure he possesses powers beyond those of mortal men. But Superman also has the very same traits that make no better than the rest of us (minus the longing to be Superman). How so? Read on…


Superman Needs Friends

No one wants to be alone. Even the most powerful man on Earth occasionally needs companions in times of personal crisis or potential public hearings.


Superman Has Dreams

He can take a missile to the chest. He can take an asteroid to the head. He can take a soccer ball to the crotch. But just like us, what Superman can’t take is living with regret or an unproduced screenplay.


Superman Has Money Woes

We’re all in a financial bind these days. And let’s face it, heroism doesn’t pay. But being a reporter in today’s newspaper industry pays even less.


Superman Can Be Jealous

Sometimes the man gifted beyond all others can look at someone else and think, “Gee, I wish I had a combination car/tank/wholly impractical motorcycle.”


Superman Has a Crush

Just because he’s the Man of Steel doesn’t mean his heart can’t break. Like Spider-Man with Mary Jane and Aquaman with that unsuspecting trout, Superman has someone who makes him weak at the knees and soft in the head.


Superman Has Family Issues

No matter how much we love our folks they can sometimes drive us nuts. Or launch us into space. Or illegally adopt us from a crater without even doing the slightest background check.


Superman Has Work Problems

It’s hard to fight a super villain when they can cut your salary, eliminate your job or deny you a longer lunch hour so you can save the eastern seaboard.


Superman Can Just Lose It

Sometimes all the financial, family, professional and romantic issues can get to us and we just crack, screaming like a lunatic as we reverse earth’s rotation to go back in time so we can have just the right comeback for that jackass of a store clerk.

So what superhero do you think you’re like? The Hulk because you have anger management problems? Thor because you’re also a Norse god? Let us know!

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