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8 Worst Batman Villains

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Batman is one of the greatest super heroes ever created. A big reasons for this is that he has some of the coolest villains. Bane, The Joker, and Scarecrow are all terrifying and iconic. Not every villain is that great. You're not going to find any of these guys winding up in a movie any time soon. Here are the Worst Batman Villains.


Killer Moth

batgirl calls killer moth lame


Killer Moth is only famous for one thing. He was the first villain to be beaten by Batgirl. That's not a legacy that anyone would be proud of.


Tweedledee and Tweedledum

tweedledee tweedledum batman cover


Tweedledee and Tweedledum are fat and lazy. They consider themselves to be criminal masterminds, but all of their plans fail miserably because they get their dumb henchmen to do all of the work. It just goes to show you. If you want a successful crime spree, you have to do it yourself.



the calculator from batman


This guy has the worst costume in the history of villains. The pocket calculator had recently come out, so the creators of Batman decided to try to get in on the new craze. This would be like if Batman had to fight The iPhoner nowadays. I hope next time Batman hangs him upside down, he puts in the number 58008 for the police to find.



scarface can't pronouce b words


Scarface isn't even a real villain. He's just a ventriloquist dummy. You can defeat him by just getting him to try to pronounce words with the letter B. He does make me a lot more suspicious that Jeff Dunham might be a super villain.


Big Top

big top holds cop hostage


Big Top is a very obese bearded lady who wears a pink tutu. She might be a dangerous foe if she could ever actually catch Batman.


The Baffler

the baffler


The Riddler is one of the coolest old school Batman villains. His backstory is interesting, and his riddles are well crafted and mysterious. They couldn't have put in any less effort to create The Baffler. The only difference between him and the Riddler is that the Baffler has bigger muscles and a different color scheme.


Condiment King

coniment king


The worst thing that the Condiment King could do to you is squeeze some hot mustard in your face. Technically, he might not even be a Batman villain since Robin and Batgirl defeated him. He and Big Top should get together and open a hot dog stand.



Ratcatcher could talk to rats and make them do his bidding. When he wasn't fighting Batman, he would spend romantic nights alone with rats while listening to Ben by Michael Jackson.


Who do you think are the worst Batman villains? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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